American Consumer Opinions Review

If you want to supplement your income from home, you may be hesitant to join any program for fear of being scammed or taking your personal information.

Starting to participate in a survey site is one way to earn some additional income. These websites allow you to earn money by completing short surveys.

There are hundreds upon dozens of survey sites on the Internet, many of which are genuine ways to make money and will not steal your personal information.

When looking for a way to have extra income, each of these survey programs has its own set of benefits and drawbacks to consider.

American Consumer Opinion is one of the most popular selections that could be the best solution for you, and we will make an American Consumer Opinion review in this article.

American Consumer Opinions Review
American Consumer Opinions Review


PortalAmerican Consumer Opinions
Operating Since1986
Sing Up BonusNone
Payment MethodsPayPal, gift cards, or even a cheque
Ways To EarnInviting Friends, Testing Products, and Sweepstakes
WebsiteClick Here

What are American Consumer Opinions

What are American Consumer Opinions
What are American Consumer Opinions

The concept behind American Consumer Opinion is straightforward, but the method might be perplexing if you’re unfamiliar with survey sites.

American Consumer Opinion is a website for surveys that works with big corporations to locate customers eager to provide feedback on various items or brands.

Members get rewards with points, and corporations receive hundreds of comments from their target demographic.

Decision Analysts founded American Consumer Opinion in 1986, and they are also members of the Better Business Bureau and other marketing organizations.

American Consumer Opinions, also known as ACOP, are one of the most popular survey sites, with a massive membership base.

In reality, they have a global membership of nearly 7 million people. They’ve given out $30 million in awards throughout the years, and their users have completed over 20 million surveys.

It’s clear to see why so many individuals select American Consumer Opinion while looking for a survey site because of their popularity.

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Why Choose American Consumer Opinions

There are many reasons to choose American Consumer Opinions. However, the most important reason is that they have been in the market for way longer than their competitors, and their website is straightforward to use.

American Consumer Opinion has been in business since the mid-eighties, and its parent firm, Decision Analyst Inc, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

In fact, with over seven million members worldwide, American Consumer Opinion is one of the largest platforms.

It’s simple to understand why the firm is so popular after paying out more than $30 million in prizes. The web reputation of American Consumer Opinion is good.

There have been some complaints concerning a lack of surveys and sluggish reimbursements in American Consumer Opinion reviews. On the other hand, many users commend the site’s ease of use.

Pros and Cons


  • The point system is simple to grasp.
  • Exceptional earning potential
  • Product reviews with a high payment are rare, but you may earn up to $200 for evaluating a single physical product if you receive one.
  • Low minimum payment requirement — as long as your total profits are at least $10, you may cash out via PayPal, gift cards, or even a cheque.


  • Long payment processing periods — PayPal payments clear in 3 to 5 days on average, while check and gift card payments might take up to 8 weeks.
  • Disqualification rates that are higher than usual – disqualification rates can reach 40%.

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Way to Earn

Inviting Friends

Inviting friends to join American Consumer Opinion is one of the best methods to increase your earnings. You’ll get $0.50 for each successful referral, which isn’t much, but it can help you increase your profits.


You can see the benefits of the sweepstakes program in several American Consumer Opinion review comments.

You do not need to pay out your whole points amount in order to enter a contest, as the minimum cash out varies. You can enter as many times as you like.

Testing Products

You can review physical items through American Consumer Opinion. If they choose you, the firm will give you a product that you may try and provide comments on.

Reviewing Ads

Ad reviews are another fascinating approach to increase your American Consumer Opinion revenue.

You’ll get some banner advertising and will need to give comments. This can contain advantages and negatives, as well as responses to questions about which ones pique your interest the most.

Ways to Redeem

You may cash out your rewards and start earning money after you have enough points.

You’ll need to earn at least 1000 points (equivalent to $10) before you can submit a payment request.

You have a number of alternatives for obtaining your money. You may have a physical cheque mailed to you in an old-fashioned way.

You can also have your funds transferred to your PayPal account is another option to obtain your money.

The final option for getting your money is to buy a Visa gift card. You may easily buy one of these cards for the number of your points, and you will get it electronically.

You can use these Visa gift cards at any retailer that accepts a standard Visa credit card.


Good credit score

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has a good grade on the parent company’s website.

Decision Giant, the parent firm of American Consumer Opinion, has an A- BBB rating as of this writing.

Been Around for a Long Time

The ACOP has been around since 1996. So they’ve been around the block a few times and aren’t a one-hit-wonder.

They have been operating as a survey site for a long time and aren’t going to go anytime soon. As a result, that’s always a positive indicator for a work-from-home job.

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How to get started with American Consumer Opinions

Starting with American Consumer Opinions is easy.

  • Go to their website and click on “sign up.”
  • There, you need to provide information about yourself.
  • Once you finish these questions, you can start completing surveys at any time.


If you’re searching for a means to supplement your income in your spare time, a survey site is one of the greatest options.

There are hundreds of possibilities available, but American Consumer Opinion will be one of the greatest.

One of the site’s most appealing features is that it is absolutely free to use, which means that if you don’t like it, you can leave without losing anything.

If this isn’t the ideal choice for you, don’t worry; I’ve analyzed various other programs, so you won’t have to join dozens of them to discover the one that suits you best.

These sites will not provide you with enough income to allow you to quit your day job, but who can complain about a little more spending money at the end of the month?


Can you put your American Consumer Opinions account on pause?

Log on to your My Account page, proceed to log in, then enter your email address and password to put your account on pause or “Pause.”

Then, on the top page of your My Account page, select the Pause Account option.

Can you donate your American Consumer Opinions points to a charity?

Yes, American Consumer Opinion® provides a variety of charitable giving alternatives.

Go to the Login section of your My Account page and enter your email address and password.

Then, to redeem your Points, select the Cash Out option (once you have a minimum of 1,000 points). Choose a charity from the choices offered.

How often can you get surveys at American Consumer Opinions?

American Consumer Opinion® will contact you many times a year with survey invites.

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