BeFrugal Review

Several firms fight for your loyalty in the cashback app sector, and each might serve a function.

BeFrugal is one of those sites with some great cashback deals, and you can simply gain some extra cash by following a few simple guidelines.

You can earn money by using the BeFrugal app or website to make online purchases.

There is a possibility for you to earn extra money by referring friends once you’ve signed up.

In this BeFrugal review, we’ll go over how the site and app function, why the firm is prepared to pay you cashback, and the benefits and drawbacks.

BeFrugal Review
BeFrugal Review


Operating Since2009
Sing Up BonusNone
Payment MethodsPayPal, gift cards, or even a cheque
Ways To EarnCashback shopping, Coupons, and Deals
WebsiteClick Here

What is BeFrugal?


BeFrugal began as a discount website in 2009. They didn’t start providing cashback on purchases until 2011, two years later.

Today, there are over 5,000 online companies that provide cashback and promotions.

It’s reasonable to assume that you can save money with so many cashback choices every time you purchase.

To get your cashback, BeFrugal provides a choice of ways. Gift cards and PayPal are the only payment options available on many cashback websites.

BeFrugal, on the other hand, lets you redeem your cashback in a variety of ways, including direct deposit into your bank account, PayPal, Venmo, postal checks, and gift cards.

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Why Choose BeFrugal

There are many reasons to use and choose BeFrugal over other cashback apps.

Some of these are; you can profit from BeFrugal if you buy online frequently, if you already do a lot of online shopping, if you utilize coupon websites, and if you already spend time looking for coupons for your online shopping.

BeFrugal features thousands of coupons for a variety of retailers. On their website, all of the coupons are categorized and easy to access.

The BeFrugal Button browser plugin automates the procedure for you.

When you shop online, the BeFrugal Button will identify the greatest cashback deals and discounts for you and apply them to your purchase instantly.

Pros and Cons


  • There are several ways to get your money.
  • There are over 5,000 cashback stores in the United States.
  • There are no payment minimums.


  • In-store purchases do not qualify for cashback.
  • It might take a long time to get your award for cashback or to get your cash back at all.

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Way to Earn

Cashback shopping

Earning cash back when buying online is the most frequent way to make money on BeFrugal.

To earn, you must sign in to your BeFrugal account. On any of the website’s 5,000+ stores, click the Shop Now button.


Another popular strategy to save money with BeFrugal is to use coupons.

There are many different types of coupons, including restaurant coupons, downloadable coupons, supermarket coupons, and so on.

You can find these coupons in the Coupons section of the main navigation bar.


BeFrugal has a separate area called Deals that shows you bargains from all around the internet.

A 12-piece Cuisinart cooking set, for example, was $420 but is now only $131.

Ways to Redeem

When you’re ready to get your rewards, log into your BeFrugal account, go to the Payouts page, and choose a payment option.

There is no minimum payout if you choose direct deposit or a transfer to an electronic payment service like Zelle.

Among your transfer choices are:

  • Bank account direct deposit
  • Deposit to your PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle account.
  • A check (minimum threshold is $25).
  • Receive an eGift card (minimum $5-$10) from major retailers like Visa and Mastercard.


Bonus Cashback Options

BeFrugal’s Bonus Cash Back shops are those that provide a bonus rate. The bonus rate will return you more money than the standard rate.

Many prominent businesses, such as Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, Target, and others, may be found on the Bonus Cashback list.

Browser Extension

The BeFrugal Button is a Chrome addon that only works with Chrome. You may use the BeFrugal Button to purchase online in the same manner you regularly do.

BeFrugal will inform you in the browser when you visit a site with cashback offers or discounts.

The BeFrugal Button will apply the optimal cashback and coupon combination to your order at checkout to help you save the most money.

Rate Guarantee

BeFrugal’s Best Cash Back Rate Guarantee states that if another rewards site offers a better cashback rate, BeFrugal will match it.

You must satisfy a few prerequisites in order to benefit from this assurance. For instance, you’ll need to supply an exact link to the competitor’s website with a better cashback rate.

You’ll also need to submit the name of the retailer and if you’ve previously made a purchase, the order receipt.

How to get started with BeFrugal

Getting started with BeFrugal is a really straightforward process that does not take a lot of time of yours compared to the amount of money you can earn back on your shopping sprees.

  • Go to, their official website.
  • Go to the sign-up page and start the process. There are several options to sign up, like using Facebook, Google, and so on. Choose the most suitable one for you.
  • If you sign up with your email, you need to provide some information about yourself, and then you will be good to go. You are ready.
  • Once you make a purchase through BeFrugal, you will start earning cashback without any additional work on your side.

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If you’re going to purchase online anyhow, not utilizing a cashback service is like setting fire to a heap of cash.

With seconds of effort — if you can call accessing a webpage and clicking a link “work” — you can typically save as much as 10% to 15%. So the decision isn’t whether or not to utilize a cashback site, but which one to use.

We think BeFrugal is one of the greatest. It’s a reputable cashback service that’s been around for almost a decade, has a large database of partner merchants, and routinely provides some of the greatest deals around.


Is there a BeFrugal app for mobile devices?

Yes. Both the App Store and Google Play have versions of the BeFrugal app. The app is simply a smartphone version of the BeFrugal website, with nearly similar functionality.

Is it possible to use BeFrugal to make an Amazon purchase?

Yes, unlike many other cashback services, you can receive cashback on Amazon purchases – but only in a few areas.

Do you get paid by BeFrugal for scanning receipts?

No, you won’t be paid for scanning receipts with BeFrugal.

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