Branded Surveys Review – Is it Legit or Scam?

Earning online money has never been an easy task with branded surveys.

Simply fill in surveys online in return for rewards! But what are branded surveys? Let’s find out in this Branded Surveys Review.

Branded Surveys Review
Branded Surveys Review


PortalBranded Surveys
Operating Since2012
Signup Bonus$1+
Payment MethodsPayPal, Direct Deposit, and other Gift Cards
Ways to EarnSurveys, Videos’s and other research methods
WebsiteClick Here

What is Branded Surveys?

What is Branded Surveys?
What is Branded Surveys?

Branded Survey is a company that aims to make research accessible and enjoyable for both sides.

To the users, it offers an easy way to make a little extra money online through surveys.

And they allow the companies to reach large audiences to conduct market research on for great prices. This creates a winning situation for both sides!

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Is Branded Surveys Legit?

This might sound a little too good to be true, but is it? Often companies advertise with easy methods of making money, yet they don’t deliver. Is branded surveys a legit option or not?

In short, yes, branded surveys is perfectly legit. Obviously, it cannot replace your full-time job, but it’s perfect for reaping small rewards, and it’s an easy side hustle for many!

Extra Offers

As we’ve mentioned before, branded surveys give out a 100 point signup bonus to new users. This is equivalent to $1.00 and can be used to get started.

Furthermore, they offer an advanced tier system that grants you additional bonus perks.

Tiers range from bronze to gold with varying points bonuses for things like referring friends and completing loads of surveys!

How to Earn Money Using Branded Surveys?

How to Earn Money Using Branded Surveys
How to Earn Money Using Branded Surveys?

As we’ve mentioned before, branded surveys allow us to make money online by participating in online research.

You can make a good amount of money by taking surveys or participating in different research methods.

  • Make money by filling in simple surveys. Branded Surveys will recommend surveys that fit you based on your profile. You can earn some easy points by filling in these surveys with honest answers; this is how you can make most of the money on Branded Surveys!
  • Simply watch an ad and add points to your account. This is possibly the easiest way to make money on Branded Surveys. Simply watch one of the recommended ads, and that’s it! This usually has a minor points bonus attached to it.
  • Participate in the Daily Poll. Branded Surveys also give away points for simply answering a couple of questions a day, in the form of the daily poll. These are small questions with a quick points bonus attached!
  • Climb the Branded Elite Bonus Program. This is the tier list we discussed earlier; getting higher ranks brings point bonuses. It can also yield more high-paying surveys in the future! Tasks range from simply using the platform to referring friends!
  • Complete any other task that Branded Surveys offer you to earn extra points! Sometimes Branded Surveys will recommend other tasks such as subscribing to a mailing list. These will have point bonuses attached to earn some quick cash!

Pros and Cons


  • The first proof branded surveys is its high payout rates. 
  • Another obvious pro that branded survey offers is the signup bonus.
  • Branded surveys let you cash out your earnings in many different ways. 
  • Branded Surveys is free to join with no strings attached.
  • The last pro is branded survey’s low payout threshold.


  • A clear con of branded surveys is the lack of a mobile app. 
  • Another con is the low accessibility of branded surveys.
  • Branded survey’s customer service sometimes lacks behind.

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How to start with Branded Surveys?

To start earning money online using branded surveys, you should follow the simple steps below to get started in no time!

  • First, navigate to their website and look for the signup button.
  • Go through the signup process.
  • Leave your email, phone number, etc., to complete your profile.
  • Complete the first survey to get surveys recommended to you, answer these questions as honestly as possible!
  • Have fun earning money on branded surveys!

How is Branded Surveys different from others?

In essence, most online survey sites are incredibly similar, but at what point Branded Surveys differ from the competition?

Because of its higher reward system, it stands out in the market. But, it provides fewer surveys as compared to other platforms.

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Payment Methods

We’ve already briefly covered it in previous paragraphs, but payment methods are an essential part of any money-making method online; what does branded surveys have to offer in this department?

As we’ve briefly mentioned before, branded surveys offer many different payment methods.

Like, PayPal, Direct Deposit, or a gift card, and there are over 100 popular stores from which you can choose. 

Alternatives to Branded Surveys

Of course, branded surveys isn’t the only survey-based online money-making system out there.

There are many others, but what are the competitive alternatives to branded surveys?

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a similar platform to branded surveys, where you fill in surveys for a reward in points. You can redeem these points later in Paypal, Direct Deposit, or gift card.

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Vindale research

Vindale Research is not as well-known as survey junkie or branded surveys. It’s the same thing, but the price range for single surveys goes all the way up to $50!

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All in all, branded surveys is an excellent solution for both users looking to make some easy money online and for companies looking for valuable research data.

It will not be able to replace your full-time job, it can be used as a solid side hustle to make some quick cash.

Thank you for giving your time, and we hope this Branded Survey Review turned out to be a good one for you. 

If you like Branded Survey, we would also recommend you to have a look at PrizeRebel and LifePoints.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Branded Surveys?

Branded Survey is a company that has the focus to make the process of researching more enjoyable.

For further information, you can read Branded Surveys Review.

What are the payment methods of Branded Surveys?

It offers payment methods like PayPal, Direct Deposit, or a gift card.

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