BzzAgent Review | Legit Or Another Scam?

Are you a university student and want some extra dollars for your pocket money? Are you an office worker and your salary doesn’t fulfill all of your needs and want to earn some extra cash to meet your needs? Do you want to drop a few dollars in your pocket without leaving your bed? 

If yes, then you are here for a valid reason because we are discussing how you can earn money from BzzAgent.

You might think that all these digital earning platforms are full of scams, but you will be surprised to know about their legitimacy and authentication.

So, be sure that you read this article to the last. Many scam platforms call themselves digital earning portals.

However, some validated portals still pay their user’s actual cash and testing products. And we will be talking about one of them, called “BuzzAgent.”

BzzAgent Review
BzzAgent | Legit Or Another Scam?


Operating Since 2002
Sing Up BonusN/a
Payment MethodsE-gift cards and pay pal cash
Ways To EarnSurveys and product testing
WebsiteClick Here

What Is BzzAgent?

What Is BzzAgent?
What Is BzzAgent?

BzzAgent is a digital earning portal. You have to register yourself there, and they will send you testing products of their partnered brands and companies.

You have to look through these products and share your opinions and thoughts. 

By this action, brands and companies change their products and services according to their consumers’ needs and interests before hitting the markets.

Testing products and surveys have become a mandatory part of most companies’ marketing and merchandising strategies. 

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Is BuzzAgent Legit?

In simpler words, yes. Buzzagent is a reliable and legit product-testing platform that seems to pay its users e-gift cards and pay pal cash by exchanging the points they earn by performing small activities.

These activities could be surveys, filling questionnaires, posting on social media platforms, reviewing and sharing their opinions regarding a particular product or service. 

Extra Offers: 

Although, BuzzAgent makes its users test the products, answer the surveys and post informational content about the products or services on their social media platforms.

However, a part of it, BuzzAgent also has some exciting and fun activities for its users. 

Draws and contests are also held on this platform. You can participate in them and earn points out of them.

These extra offers also level up the reputation of your profile, and you get a higher chance to receive more products and surveys. 

How To Earn Money By Using BuzzAgent?

How To Earn Money By Using BuzzAgent
How To Earn Money By Using BuzzAgent

BuzzAgent is a consumer product-testing platform. The partner companies and brands of BuzzAgent will select the user according to their profiles’ details and send their product accordingly to your address.

Their delivery package may contain instructions like posting videos and photos on social media platforms, writing blogs (if you are a blogger or have a blogging site), or handling guidelines of the product. 

Although the biggest reward is the free product or service you are getting, you will also get reward points in the MyPoints portal, a different rewarding platform collaborating with BuzzAgent. 

So, this is how BuzzAgent works and what you have to do to earn its rewarding points. 

Pros And Cons Of BuzzAgent:

Following are the pros and cons of BuzzAgent: 


  • There are no registration fees for BuzzAgent. It is entirely free. Plus, this portal’s user interface and handling are basic and easily understandable.
  • With BuzzAgent, you will have chances to receive testing products from reputable and well-known international brands. 
  • You don’t have to give a single penny for the testing products, and you can keep them forever. 
  • The customer support service of BuzzAgent is remarkable, responsive, and supportive. 


  • If you don’t like a product, you still have to do marketing it and involve your social media profiles in it. 
  • The frequency of testing products may be low because matching an appropriate use for the products is challenging for companies and brands. 

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How To Start With BuzzAgent? 

For starting up on BuzzAgent, you have to visit their official website and create an account there.

The signing up process of the buzz agent is completely free and user-friendly.

After registering, you will be needed to fill up your personal information, like your name, country, city, region, province, number, and email. 

Once you are done with entering the procedure of your data, you must ensure your authenticity and validity by confirming your email.

You will get an email from them, and you have to prove it in your inbox.

Then, BuzzAgent will give you a small survey to determine your niche and ground of interest. In this way, they’ll identify your suitable category.

Now, you have to wait to receive surveys and campaign invitations to your account. You will receive an email from BuzzAgent. 

How Is BuzzAgent Different From Others? 

Although there are thousands of online earning platforms out there, BuzzAgent is quite different and superior from all of them.

In BuzzAgent, not only do you get a free testing product from well-known international brands, but you also receive rewarding points for it. 

Payment Methods:

The payment method of BuzzAgent is a bit complex. A separate platform called “MyPoints” works in collaboration with BuzzAgent, and all of your surveys’ and product testing reward points go into that account. You can redeem these points in two ways:

  1. By e-gift cards. You can exchange your BuzzAgent points into coupons, tickets, subscriptions, and gift cards for magazines, restaurants, clothing, and shopping.
  2. The second option is Pay pal. You can transform your points to cash and get it from your Pay pal account. 

Alternatives Of BuzzAgent:

  1. PaidViewPoint: It is an online market research platform from which you can earn money sharing your opinions and thoughts on a particular service or product by the survey. It is completely legit and a part of the forum. 
  1. TheInsidersNet: It is another digital platform for brand-consumer interaction regarding their new products and services before they launch them into the market. Here, you will be offered to use products to exchange your critical thoughts and opinions regarding them. 
  1. Survey Junkie: It is one of the most comprehensive survey platforms. It is entirely authentic and legit, and many international and well-known brands have collaborated with it for their marketing purposes. 

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So, this is the end. Let’s see what we have discussed here. We talked about BuzzAgent, its summary, its working, activities, pros, cons, payment methods, starting up process, and alternatives. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can We Keep The Testing Products Of BuzzAgent, Or Do We Have To Return Them?

Answer: Yes, you can keep the testing products, and they are yours forever. However, you have to follow the given guidelines regarding the products. 

Are There Any Fees Regarding BuzzAgent?

Answer: No, there is no signing up or delivery fees for the product. All the services are entirely free and at no charge.

Is BuzzAgent A Legit Platform?

Answer: Yes, BuzzAgent is an entirely secure and legit platform by which you can earn e-gift cards or cash through pay pal. 

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