Cointiply Review

For the last few years, the era of cryptocurrencies has been increasing exponentially with new users trying them.

The idea of a digital currency has been starting to become a viable option ever since the beginning of the pandemic.

With this, the websites that you earn a couple of bucks with on the internet are changing the way they work. This includes Get-to-paid websites.

Cointiply is one of those websites. Cointiply is one of the free Bitcoin faucet sites where you may earn free bitcoin.

There are no gift cards, certificates, or discounts; instead, you get paid in Bitcoin for each work done.

The good thing about Cointiply is that you don’t need any sophisticated skills or expertise to begin earning.

Cointiply is a free service that is available to anybody around the globe.

You now have the ability to earn money from your laptop, phone, or any kind of electrical device,  from anywhere in the world, on your own time and schedule – all without the requirement for a bank account!

There are hundreds of Bitcoin reward programs to choose from, so you’ll definitely need some guidance before signing up for every free site you come across.

Cointiply Review
Cointiply Review


Operating Since2018
Sing Up BonusNone
Payment MethodsBitcoin, Dogecoin, LTC, and Dash
Ways To EarnSurveys, Offers, Faucet
WebsiteClick Here

What is Cointiply

What is Cointiply
What is Cointiply

Cointiply is a cryptocurrency-only reward website or app that provides users tiny amounts of cryptocurrencies for free, such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Dash.

Every day, you may win a random quantity of Coins using Cointiply’s Bitcoin faucet in only one click.

Furthermore, Cointiply has a variety of ways to give you coins, like solving captchas, playing online games, joining up for intriguing services, conducting surveys, watching movies, discovering new items, and downloading free apps.

Founded in 2018, Cointiply promises to be the world’s #1 Bitcoin Rewards Platform, with over 2.7 million users worldwide and over $3 million in payouts. Cointiply is, thus, a trustworthy website.

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Why Choose Cointiply

There are actually many reasons to use Cointiply, but the biggest one that draws people in is how easy it is to earn coins.

At the Cointiply faucet, the quickest way to earn coins is to use the Cointiply faucet. To get started, simply click “Roll the Faucet.”

Click “Roll & Win” after completing the Captcha. The outcome of your roll will decide your payment. You win the jackpot if you roll a total of 99,999.

Once every 60 minutes, you can roll. The “Cointiplier” multiplies the rewards from faucet rolls.

Everybody starts with a 1.5x Cointipler. Your Cointiply balance might rise as a result of your Cointiply activities.

The majority of folks will stay around 1.5x. You earn Coins, which you may then exchange for Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, or Dash.

Members who claim from the faucet, finish an offer, get paid for a video, play a video game, or click a PTC ad on a daily basis get rewards by the loyalty system.

Pros and Cons


  • On Contiply, there is usually always work available.
  • Variety of work.
  • Low payout threshold – The payout threshold for Cointiply is $5.


  • Helpful support
  • Pay isn’t the best.
  • The mobile app that is clunky
  • There are only four ways to get paid – Only Bitcoin, Dogecoin, LTC, and Dash.
  • Uneven support speed — While Cointiply’s customer service is kind, their response time is inconsistent.

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Ways to Earn


You may take surveys from a number of different companies, including YourSurveys, Theorem Reach, Yuno Surveys, Pollfish, and others.

Surveys are usually always available through at least one of the providers, and they normally pay anywhere from 10 cents to $1.50 depending on the duration of the survey; however, this will vary depending on your area and other variables.


The amount you receive from each offer is up to the offer wall and the offer’s length. The majority of people will spend anything from 10 cents to $3 per item. Some of the offers I’ve seen pay up to $20, but they take a long time to finish.


Cointiply features a faucet, just like any other “bitcoin faucet” service. The concept is simple: you roll a number (you may perform a freeroll once every hour), and depending on the number you roll, you’ll receive a certain quantity of coins. As you earn more coins, your roll gets higher.

Ways to Redeem

You can only redeem through four different cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Dogecoin.

You can transfer these coins to any of the wallet addresses (one of these four coins) you have; it does not matter which exchange you are using as long as you have a wallet address for them.


Inventory, Cointipoints, and Item Pods

You earn Cointipoints in addition to coins for doing tasks on Cointiply. You get 10% of the coin reward for each assignment you complete.

For example, if you receive 3000 coins for completing a task, you will also receive 300 Cointipoints.

1% Bonus for Daily Faucet Rolls

Your loyalty incentive will rise by 1 percent for every day you log in and roll the faucet, up to a maximum of 100 percent.

5% Annual Interest for Storing 35,000+ Coins

If you keep 35,000 or more coins in your Cointiply account, you may earn 5% interest on your balance if you enable the option in your settings. Interest increases on a daily basis and is paid on a weekly basis.

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How to get started with Cointiply

Getting started with Cointiply is as seamless as it can be.

  • Go to and write down your email on the box in the middle of the page and click on “start earning now.”
  • You are going to need to create an account with your Email ID and a password.
  • Right after, you will get your user dashboard, and that is where you can start earning.

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To sum up, Cointiply is actually not bad. When it comes to GPT sites, mixed ratings are rather prevalent.

Cointiply generally has positive comments from its users. They have over 1,000 ratings on Trustpilot and a 4.8-star rating at the time of writing.

Cointiply also reacts to (and resolves) the majority of negative reviews, which is a great touch.

However, based on previous evaluations, it appears that their customer service may use some improvement.

Finally, Cointiply is a legitimate service, although it isn’t without flaws.


Can you withdraw coins from Cointiply to Coinbase account?

Yes, you may withdraw your coins to Coinbase from Cointiply.

How trustable is Cointiply?

Cointiply has a good reputation around the internet and is a trustable website.

They have a 4.7 rating on Trustpilot, and they have paid millions of dollars to their customers.

Can I trust my data with Cointiply?

Yes, Cointiply is a safe website to use. They do not request too much info from you to start with them anyways.

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