E-Rewards Review | An Ultimate Way To Earn Money

Are you looking forward to having a few extra pounds in your pocket by almost doing nothing?

Do you want to increase your pocket money by just clicking on your phone or laptop? Do you want to earn dollars by answering questions right from the comfort of your home? 

If yes, then you have got the correct platform as we discuss the fundamental concept and working of E-Reward and how you can earn money from it. So, we ensure that you go through this article to the last. 

Market research and identification of a targeted audience is an ultimate goal in marketing, not only in modern digital marketing but in traditional ones also.

And to fulfill this necessity, many businesses pay people to share their opinions and thoughts and help them identify and improve their marketing and merchandising strategies. 

E-Rewards Review
E-Rewards Review


PortalE Rewards
Operating Since 1999
Sing Up BonusN/a
Payment MethodsGift cards, event tickets, dining coupons, airline miles, and loyalty points
Ways To EarnSurveys, quick polls, product testing, and local missions

What is the E-Reward?

What is the E-Reward?
What is the E-Reward?

E-reward is a digital earning platform by which you can earn by completing different tasks and surveys and transforming your earning into various coupons and gift cards. 

It is an invitation-only platform and community where different large-scale and small-scale businesses collaborate and ask people for their opinions for marketing and trading purposes.  

Once you receive the invitation from its existing member, which are more than a million, you have to sign up, fill in the required information and complete the surveys to have e rewards points in your account.

However, you have to be correct and accurate during filling up information and doing surveys because a piece of inaccurate data or wrong answers on the survey can lead your account to disability or suspension. 

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Is E-Reward Legit?

Although many people believe that online earning platforms are not legit, you will be surprised to know that e-rewards are entirely legit. And you can make real money out of it. 

However, it doesn’t offer any way to take out dollars from your bank account or any other process; you can transform your earned e-rewards points into gift cards, coupons and discounts. 

Extra Offers:

E-reward is like a part-time digital portal that can turn your spare hours into earning hours. Nothing is better than getting a few dollars into your pocket by clicking on phones and laptops. 

Moreover, the best part of e-reward is that it doesn’t have any fees for signing up. It is entirely free and offers invitation-only joining. 

How To Earn Money Using E-Reward?

Following are the four ways to earn money from e-reward:

  • Answering The Surveys: You have to answer surveys and share your opinions on different products, services, and companies. 
  • Attending Quick Polls: Quick polls are small surveys. Although they don’t pay a lot or like other surveys but they still give out a pretty share of your e-reward points score. 
  • Testing Of Products: This task is a bit rare, but in it, you will be asked to test and share your opinion about a product from a specific partner company. Depending upon your views, they will change the product and then hit the market.
  • Mission In Your Area: Lastly, e-reward can ask you to perform missions in your local area. The reward of these local missions depends upon the energy and time required to complete them, but it will pay away more than surveys and product testing. Primarily, it includes purchasing a product or visiting a specific shop or outlet. 

Pros And Cons Of E-Reward?

Let’s discuss a little about the pros and cons of E-Reward.


  • The signup process for E-reward doesn’t require any fees. It is entirely free. 
  • The paying scale of E-reward is more than other survey sites. From this portal, you can earn $5 per survey approximately.
  • Apart from surveys that e-rewards send you, you can also search for surveys and answer them for extra earnings. With this, you can complete one survey per day quickly. 


  • Joining the e-reward portal is challenging because of the invitation-only policy. 
  • There is no system by which you can redeem your points in cash. The only way of saving the earned points is through discounts, coupons, and tickets. 

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How To Start With E-Reward?

The only way to join the e-reward platform is through invitations. According to e-rewards, the partner company invites their customers to join e-reward and answer their surveys regarding services and products.

By this, they will have the opinions and ratings of the audience and can transform their products and services according to it.

After accepting and joining the e-reward, you must fill up the required information and create an account.

Then you start to receive surveys according to your profile details and earn money through it.  

How Is E-Reward Different From Others?

E-reward is. No doubt, different from other surveys and online earning sites. However, these dissimilarities can be positive or negative. 

First of all, the invitation-only joining process is quite abnormal. Many people want a legit way to earn money online from the comfort of their home, but they can’t due to this policy. 

Secondly, it pays a lot more than other surveys sites. Not only is it is pretty secure and high-paying, but you have a lot of opportunities to attend surveys and other tasks and earn money. 

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Payment Methods:

The following are the ways by which you can redeem your e-rewards points from your account:

  • You can have gift cards of different brands by redeeming your earned points. 
  • You can also exchange these points with airline tickets like American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Horizon Air Miles. 
  • You can also get dining coupons from different restaurants and cafes from points.
  • Event tickets are also a good option. 

Alternatives Of E-Reward:

  1. Swagbucks: Swagbucks is a digital earning platform where you can earn dollars by performing simple tasks like watching videos, searching on their search engine, shopping online, playing games, and answering surveys. Apart from the signing up bonus, it has a user-friendly interface and offers a simple redeeming process. 

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  1. Prize Rebel: It is another online platform where you can answer surveys, watch videos, and do other tasks to earn money. The best part is that its redeem limit is $2, and you can exchange them for gift cards. However, you can also go for the cash option by pay pal. 

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  1. Grab Points: Like Prize Rebel and Swagbucks, you can perform different activities on this platform and earn money. It has a high paying scale, and a user can easily earn up to $500 from this portal.

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So, this is it. Let’s have a small yet quick recap and see what we discussed.

We discussed the basic concept of e-reward, its legitimacy, offers, tasks, pros and cons, starting up with e-reward, difference, payment methods, and alternatives for it. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we join e-reward through its website?

Answer: No, you can’t. You can only join the e-reward portal by accepting the invitation from its partner companies.

How much can we approximately earn from a survey?

Answer: You can earn approximately $5 from a survey from the e-reward platform. It earns away more than other platforms and portals. 

Can we redeem our e-reward points in cash?

Answer: No, you cannot redeem your points in cash. You can exchange your e-reward points for gift cards, airline tickets, dining coupons, and magazine subscriptions. 

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