GrabPoints Review – The Solution To Online Income!

GrabPoints can be the application on your mobile phone that gives you some instead of taking your money. This GrabPoints Review is all about the things that you need to know about it.

GrabPoints Review
GrabPoints Review


Year Founded: 2014

Sign up bonus: Not available

Ways to Earn: 4

Payment Systems: 2

Virtual Currency:
GrabPoints virtual points

What is GrabPoints?

What is GrabPoints?
What is GrabPoints?

GrabPoints is an application that allows users to earn while taking some tasks or surveys.

There are simple things that users need to do here, which may include answering the questions or watching videos.

Apart from these options, there could be other things that can help you make some money.

While the things seem similar to other websites and applications, one thing that makes it special is that it pays more than most of its competitors.

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Is GrabPoints Legit?

Cybercrimes are increasing day by day, and it is not unusual to ask whether the application is legit or not.

There are some websites and applications that take your time, but they are not very keen when it comes to paying you back.

Some even ask for the signup fee. That fee is also lost if there is a scam. However, GrabPoints is not a scam, and it is a legit application with a lot of users.

Amazingly enough, GrabPoints has a 4.6 rating on Trustpilot, ensuring that it is not a scam or a fake application.

Also, this GrabPoints Review will make you ensure that it is Legit!

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GrabPoints Offers

It provides the offer to earn more only by referring your friends. It is an offer which makes both of you earn that extra money.

When your friends sign up using your referral code, they will earn 500 points, and you will earn referral points as soon as they earn their first 1000 points.

Moreover, you can invite more friends for more earnings.

How to Earn money using GrabPoints?

How to Earn money using GrabPoints
How to Earn money using GrabPoints?

Earning Money with GrabPoints can be done in several ways. There are four main ways of earning. Those are:

  • Taking and completing the surveys
  • Watching the online videos
  • Completing offers at GrabPoints
  • Downloading the GrabPoints

In these four ways, you might need to sign up at the application you are downloading and provide some information, which may take some time.

However, in any case, it will be worth spending your time here as there are instances of users earning more than $400 per month.

Advantages and Disadvantages of GrabPoints


  • It is comparatively higher than most surveys for money platforms.
  • The payment options are user-friendly.
  • It is very easy to use
  • There are several options to get your earnings.
  • The payout processing is reliable.


  • Although you can earn a lot here, some tasks will have to earn limits.
  • It is necessary to qualify for a task for taking it.
  • Every user does not qualify for all tasks and surveys, so you might need to miss a well-paying task.

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How to Get Started with GrabPoints?

Joining GrabPoints is not a long process as it has only a few steps by which you can start earning here.

The following are those steps:

  • First, you will need to sign up. Here you can use different signup options like email or social signup.
  • Once you have got the account, you need to fill the demographics form according to which you will qualify for several surveys.
  • The third step will be completing your profile for everything that is asked.
  • Once you are done with profile completion and setup, you can start looking for tasks that you qualify for

After these steps, you can take any of the tasks you qualify for and start earning immediately.

How is GrabPoints different from others?

With only four ways to earn and no signup bonuses, it may not attract a lot of users.

However, the thing that makes it different from all the other platforms is that it is one of the most highly paying platforms in the category.

There are a lot of reviews, and some of those say that GrabPoints is the highest-paying application in the survey for money category.

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Payment Methods

GrabPoints is a platform that makes earning easy, but withdrawing that amount here is easier.

Starting with the limits that you may have to face, the minimum you can withdraw here is 3000 points worth $3.

Now, coming towards taking out your money, you can either go for PayPal or select to get the gift cards. The following are your gift card choices here:

  • Amazon
  • Fortnite
  • Google Play
  • IMVU
  • Steam
  • Minecraft
  • Xbox
  • Nintendo eShop

With this long list of options, you will hardly find any difficulty withdrawing your earnings at GrabPoints.

Alternatives of GrabPoints


While Shopkick is an alternative platform for GrabPoints, it sometimes needs the users to walk into the stores to earn.

The activities may include scanning barcodes with your phone or purchasing several items. It also provides gift cards for several physical and online stores.


It is very reliable and one of the most famous choices in the category. As a comparison to GrabPoints, InboxDollars provides 13 different ways of earning right from the platform.

However, the withdrawal limits here are a bit tougher to meet.

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If you are looking to replace your job with GrabPoints, then it is not the right decision.

Otherwise, it will be an amazing platform for all of that extra income that you want. The easy-to-use application will make your leisure time fun and worthwhile as well.

So, while you are streaming your favorite online shows, you can easily earn by using this application.

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We hope this GrabPoints Review, has helped you a lot!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time limit to withdraw your points?

There is no time limit for withdrawing your points on GrabPoints. All you need are 3000 points or more to make the withdrawal.

Do the points in the GrabPoints account ever expire?

Yes, the best practice is to keep making a transaction every three months to not lose any of your hard-earned points.

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