iBotta Review – Why it’s one of the best

A lot of people look for ways in which they can save their money. While finding such ideal apps, you might have heard about iBotta.

In this article of iBotta Review, we are going to tell you more about it!

It is an app that lets you earn cashback on your previously made purchases. The iBotta app is simple.

It allows you to earn cash when you are on the go. However, to make yourself feel satisfied, make sure to read the iBotta Review. 

iBotta Review
iBotta Review


Year founded2012 
Sign up bonus$20 
Ways to earnOnline shopping, Linking the loyalty store, and in-store purchases
Payment methodsMasterCard and Visa debit
Virtual currencyReal cash not points
WebsiteClick Here

What is iBotta?

What is iBotta?
What is iBotta?

iBotta is an American-based shopping app that allows its users to get the best shopping experience ever.

Unlike the other apps, it is not only a shopping app. But it also allows the users or customers to earn their payback cash as well. 

Their policy of rewarding the users and the customers with the payback cash has made them more popular.

It has been stated that since iBotta has been founded, they have paid over $200 million in cashback rewards. 

iBotta has made a vast difference in the shopping world, including personal shopping and grocery shopping.

People can get their cash back easily with their previously made or past purchases. iBotta does not only function on its own. 

It has collaborations with many reputational retailers. All this has allowed iBotta company to change its level of customer satisfaction.

By coming to terms with the well-known retailers, iBotta pays back real cash. It does not have any system of discounts or coupons.

It makes it more suitable and popular among the users and clients.

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Is iBotta Legit? 

A lot of people before using any app, think is it worth it or not? Likewise, a lot of people have this one question in their minds, is iBotta legit? 

Yes, iBotta is an app that is completely legit by all means. It allows the users, clients, or customers to earn money or get the payback cash in both ways. T

he ways can be either online or in-store. There are no restrictions or limitations when it comes to earning money with the iBotta app. 

By installing the iBotta user app on your mobile phone, you can easily use it. The iBotta mobile app and browsers extension is totally free of cost.

By doing so, you can easily save your money and can invest it anywhere you prefer. 

It can save you extra money and get more things that are vital for having a good life standard. The iBotta app does not burden its customers and has an easy user policy.

The payback cash that you earn can also be transferred into your bank account. 

Another reason due to which iBotta is known to be legit is the $20 bonus cash. You can use that $20 and get payback cash by using their code as well.

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iBotta Offers

iBotta is different from many of the cash-earning apps. It has made a globally visible difference when it comes to the offers for the users.

We all are aware that many apps, like iBotta, give away rewards in the form of coupons or discount vouchers.

However, with the iBotta app, you do not get coupons or discount vouchers offers. Instead, iBotta offers everything in the form of cash.

The reward in the form of cash is more preferred by the users as well. Hence, you can get these payback cash rewards anytime on your mobile phones as well. 

How to earn money using this app? 

How to earn money using this app
How to earn money using this app? 

Many of us wonder how to earn money while we use the iBotta app. Earning money while using the iBotta app is easy.

There are some ways by which you can earn money using iBotta. Some of the methods are specified below. 

Earn by linking the loyalty store accounts

This way can be helpful while you are shopping in a grocery store. If you want to earn money, link your loyalty card with the iBotta app.

To do so, you need to open the iBotta app and then sign in to your account. Choose the store and then click on the link account.

Enter information from your loyalty card, and that’s all!

Earning through in-store purchases

You can also earn through in-store purchases. Open the iBotta app and then click on the find that offers the option.

After this, you can get the payback cash options for several in-stores.

Attach the receipt and make sure the name of the retailer and the items that you have added to your list is quite visible

Earn by online shopping

You can also earn by the online shopping ways. Open the iBotta app. Then click the iBotta online shopping category.

There are many online stores like Amazon prime or Walmart.

Pros and Cons of iBotta


  • It is free to use 
  • Has over 300 retail shops 
  • Earn up the bonus of $20 cash
  • Earn more with bonuses


  • Add some offers into your shopping cart
  • Store-specific shopping options
  • There are several ads
  • Make purchases through the app

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How to get started with iBotta? 

If you are a new user of iBotta, it is important to know how to use it. This app can be used from your phone as well.

You can install it and then add your information to your account. You can also use the iBotta app on your browser by adding iBotta extensions. 

How is iBotta different from others? 

iBotta is known to be distinctive in many ways from other apps. The iBotta app is free and does not have that coupon code system.

Instead, it allows the users to enjoy the cashback system, through which you can enjoy many offers. 

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Payment Methods 

The payment methods integrated with the iBotta app are very easy. You can simply use a MasterCard or Visa debit card as well.

To add the payment methods, choose the item and then check the payments method. After that, you can pay by your preferred method anytime.

Alternatives of iBotta


NCPMobile is similar to the iBotta app. This app rewards the customers with cash when they review products.

Listing the product details can help you get to pay back cash through the NCPMobile app.

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Another alternative of iBotta is the Shopkick app. You can earn rewards by submitting your receipts, watching videos, and shopping online.


The above-specified information explains the Review of the iBotta app. Such apps are known to be very useful in modern times.

iBotta can help you earn cash and select easy payment methods. It also offers $20 bonus cash, by which you can easily get payback cash.

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We hope this iBotta Review has made you well aware about this platform!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is iBotta free?

Yes, iBotta is free to use. 

Does iBotta have a mobile application? 

Yes, iBotta has a mobile application and can be used very quickly. It works better and does not lag during payments. 

To get every detail about this platform, read our iBotta Review.

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