Inbox Pays Review – Should You Roll With it?

You’re missing out on some simple additional income if you haven’t heard of popular GPT (Get Paid To) services like InboxDollars and Swagbucks by now.

If you’ve spent at least a few hours of your life hunting for legitimate get-paid-to platforms, you’re definitely aware of the numerous scams out there. Therefore, in this Inbox Pays Review, we have mentioned

Inbox Pays Review
Inbox Pays Review

Some are clear rip-offs, attempting to charge you even for joining up. Others might be more devious in their attempts to steal from you.

Legitimate GPT sites deliver precisely what they promise. They pay you to do numerous minor activities on the internet, such as playing games, checking your email, and filling out surveys.

Although they will not pay you much for your time, they are a fun way to make additional money in your leisure time.


PortalInbox Pays
Operating since2005
Signup Bonus$5
Payment MethodsPayPal
Ways to EarnSurveys, watching videos, referring friends, paid offers, reading e-mails
WebsiteClick Here

What is Inbox Pays?

What is Inbox Pays?
What is Inbox Pays?

InboxPays is a cash rewards service where you can earn money for doing things like clipping coupons, recommending friends, and reading emails, among other things.

Although the site will not make you rich, it is a nice way to make some additional spending money online.

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Is Inbox Pays legit?

InboxPays is owned by the A&A Marketing company, which also owns Panda Research and other GPT sites. A&A Marketing does not have BBB certification, yet it has a C+ rating on average.

InboxPays has been in operation for over a decade. InboxPays has an average reputation in the internet community.

There are InboxPays review comments that complain about not being able to meet the minimum payout and having problems with customer support.

Some people, on the other hand, like the greater survey incentives.

Extra Offers

As an extra offer, Inbox Pays gives you a $5 sign-up bonus when you sign up and you can also do additional paid offers which are basically something out of ordinary and you get it rarely as an offer.

How to Earn Money Using Inbox Pays?

How to Earn Money Using Inbox Pays
How to Earn Money Using Inbox Pays?

InboxPays, like most survey sites, generates money by providing market research services to businesses and organizations.

Companies pay consumers to take InboxPays surveys in order to get insight and views on their products and services.

So, you basically complete surveys to earn money using Inbox Pays. But they are not only surveys, there are also paid offers, reading e-mails, spinning wheels, and other ways to earn money.

This data is required to design marketing strategies and new goods and services.

InboxPays, on the other hand, will not sell or distribute your personal information without your permission.

Inbox Pays Pros and Cons


  • While it just has one payment option, the fact that it is PayPal implies that your side employment may earn you actual money.
  • For completing the sign-up procedure, InboxPays offers a $5 incentive.
  • Although surveys are the major emphasis, you may add variation by earning money in other ways.
  • You may also earn income by introducing relatives and friends.


  • According to some InboxPays reviewers, the site can be a touch spammy. You will most likely get emails from InboxPays and its advertising partners. You may, however, avoid this by creating an email account for your survey participation.
  • Because the rules and conditions of InboxPays only allow one account per household, family members who share your address are ineligible to join.
  • The pay out method is a little complex, and the maximum amount is fixed at $50. Many InboxPays review comments emphasize how tough this is for novices to grasp.
  • Some InboxPays reviews mention difficulties with late payments.

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How to Start with Inbox Pays?

Starting with Inbox Pays is extremely easy and quick.

  • Go to their website
  • Click on “sign up” in the upper right corner.
  • Fill the sign-up form, make sure to fill them correctly.
  • Also add your profile information as to who you are and create your password.
  • Get your $5 sign-up bonus and start earning money.

How is Inbox Pays Different From Others?

When you are starting off with a side hustle, you need to choose a platform that is good enough for your time and efforts and it has to be different than its counterparts.

The ways Inbox Pays is different than its counterparts are its sign-up bonus, methods to earn money, and that they are reliable due to their long time in the business.

Payment Methods

As a payment method, it only offers Paypal which could be considered as a disadvantage or not depending on what you actually want out of this side hustle but the only option you are getting is Paypal.

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Alternatives of Inbox Pays


It’s so simple to find methods to earn money on Swagbucks, and I consistently earn enough to redeem my earnings for a prize at least once a month.

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Despite being owned by the same business as InboxPays, InboxDollars service works under entirely different regulations and has a track record of paying users.

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Survey Junkie

Unlike InboxPays, Survey Junkie exclusively offers surveys; there are no other ways to earn money.

Another significant distinction is that Survey Junkie has a point system. This might make calculating your profits a little more difficult.

You should keep in mind that one point is equal to $0.01. So, after you’ve accumulated 1,000 points, you’ll be able to redeem $10.

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I wish to offer the best fair response to this critical topic. Even though there are a lot of things that might not be liked about this panel, they are definitely as legit as it gets.

However, passing up this chance could be an option for you. Even if they are legitimate, they are, to say the least, a problematic organization.

It is up to you to decide if you want to try the platform and give some of your time to see it for yourself but looking at most of the reviews, they are not really pretty, and it is a good bet to look around more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get In Touch With InboxPays Customer Service?

There is a FAQ page and a contact form, but you can also use the postal address to contact the customer care staff if you have any problems.

Is InboxPays A Free Service?

Yes, however some sponsored offers demand credit card information.

Can You Complete InboxPays Surveys Using A Mobile App?

InboxPays does not have an app.

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