InboxDollars Review – Can you Earn Money with it?

Making money online has never been easier. The market for online research companies is more significant, and there is no chance to make extra cash! 

In this InboxDollars Review, we will tell you all about this platform!

InboxDollars Review
InboxDollars Review

The most popular way to make some extra money on the Internet is through surveys.

Many sites permit you to do this, but today we’ll shift our focus to InboxDollars! Let’s dive straight into it! 


Operating Since2000
Signup Bonus$5
Payment MethodsCash Check, Visa Cash Card
Ways to Earn:Surveys, Emails, Referral Program, Games, Cashback Coupons
WebsiteClick Here

What is InboxDollars?


InboxDollars is one of many online research companies occupying the current market.

They operate by gathering and selling information to big companies; this information is then used in market research, for example!

This information is gathered through the users. InboxDollars offers users cash rewards for filling in surveys and giving their opinion.

This creates a beneficial situation for everyone involved!

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Is InboxDollars Legit?

An essential aspect of an excellent online side hustle is legitimacy. Because of the facelessness of the Internet, it has become easy to get scammed.

But what about InboxDollars? Is it a legit side hustle or a scam? Let’s see!

Luckily, InboxDollars is a completely legit research company.

They keep their promises, and a reputable company backs them. Their large user base also indicates a trustworthy company!

Extra Offers

The world of online research companies is fierce competition; therefore, companies often offer users different offers to lure in more customers.

Let’s see what InboxDollars has to offer in this regard!

InboxDollars offers a signup bonus of $5 to get you started on the platform.

Once you receive your first payout, you’ll be prompted to ‘gold’ status. This brings some extra bonuses and features as well.

How to Earn Money with InboxDollars?

How to Earn Money with InboxDollars
How to Earn Money with InboxDollars

As we’ve mentioned before, there’re multiple ways of earning extra cash on this platform.

Let’s see what exactly they have to offer!

  • First off, we have surveys. Answering surveys will yield small cash rewards; this will be your primary source of income!
  • You can also play games. You won’t technically earn money, but you’ll get a nice discount on some in-game purchases!
  • Another way to earn money is by simply browsing the web. InboxDollars has its search engine, which rewards you for browsing the web!
  • Cashback coupons. You can save money using the cashback coupons given out by InboxDollars.
  • Referring other people through the referral program will also yield some nice passive income!

Pros and Cons of InboxDollars


  • Many ways to make money. As mentioned before, InboxDollars hosts tons of options to make some extra cash on the platform!
  • The referral system allows for passive income and allows you to make loads of money without doing anything yourself!
  • It’s completely free to sign up. Anyone can register on InboxDollars without any extra cost; this way, everyone can try the platform before committing to it!
  • InboxDollars is available in most countries. Unlike many of its competitors who are generally only available in the United States.
  • They offer a signup bonus and a tier system. The $5 signup bonus is great to get started, and the gold tier system allows you to make some bonus cash!


  • High payout threshold. InboxDollars has a very high payout threshold of $30, making it impossible to quickly earn some money on this platform!
  • High screen out rate. InboxDollars is notorious for its high amount of screen-outs; when you screen out of a survey, you’ll earn nothing at all!
  • Lots of spam mail. If you’re not careful, you’ll find your inbox flooding with spam mail in no time when using InboxDollars!

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How to Get Started with InboxDollars?

If what you’ve heard about the platform so far sounds like it suits your needs, all you have to do to join is follow the steps below!

  • Navigate to their website and press the signup button to start the registration process.
  • Fill in the required information form such as email address, and name for example.
  • Verify your email address and login to your newly created account; check if the signup bonus was deposited.
  • Congratulations, signing up to InboxDollars was that easy! It’s now time to start earning extra cash!

How is InboxDollars Different from Others?

As we’ve seen before, the market for online research companies is incredibly competitive. It’s therefore essential to differentiate yourself from the competition, but how?

InboxDollars differs itself through their large variety of ways to earn money and their unusual payment methods. This combination makes it perfect for every kind of user!

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Payment Methods

Payment methods form an essential part of any online research company.

They determine a large amount of the user experience, and they have to work flawlessly to avoid unwanted surprises. Let’s see what InboxDollars has to offer!

As we’ve mentioned before, InboxDollars allows payout through a cash check or through a Visa Cash Card. Both of these convert your earnings straight into cash without any difficulties!

Alternatives to InboxDollars

Since the market for online research platforms is incredibly saturated at the moment, there’s loads of competition.

Let’s take a look at some of InboxDollars’ fiercest competitors on the market!

Survey Junky

Survey Junkey is a popular platform is perfect for users to convert their opinion into cash. They offer a large variety of surveys and they payout through PayPal or gift cards!

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PointClub is another online research company, allowing users to make some extra cash online. They offer surveys and a great earning potential if you’re lucky!

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All in all, InboxDollars is a great way to make some extra money in no time. They offer great earning potential and a large variety of tasks.

While it won’t replace your full-time job, it’s a solid side hustle with some nice extra’s!

Thank you very much for reading our InboxDollars Review, and good luck making some extra money with InboxDollars! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is InboxDollars?

InboxDollars an online research company occupying the current market.

To know more about it, read our InboxDollars Review!

What are the payment options for InboxDollars?

InboxDollars allows payout through a cash check or through a Visa Cash Card.

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