Ipsos Review – Is this Legit or a Gimmick?

Out of all the Survey for Money Websites, Ipsos is one of them. Are you also looking to fulfill your money shortcomings with some easy way?

Earning with Ipsos will surely be a fun way to earn some extra money. This Ipsos review is all about how it is a legit platform and how it works.

Ipsos Review
Ipsos Review


Ipsos Summary
Ipsos Summary

Year Founded: 1975

Sign up bonus: Not available

Ways to Earn: 5

Payment Methods: 4

Virtual Currency:
Ipsos points

What is Ipsos?

What is Ipsos?
What is Ipsos?

Ipsos is a company that provides you the opportunity to spend your free time to earn some more money without doing a lot.

Earning about $50 will not be a difficult task here, and you can get a lot for that money.

Therefore, if you are a student looking to make a little extra pocket money or a retired or stay-at-home parent, Ipsos can be a great option to earn right from your computer or phone.

Is Ipsos Legit?

Is Ipsos Legit?
Is Ipsos Legit?

Ipsos is a company that has been there for almost more than four decades now, and it has a lot of users now.

It is the most extensive survey amongst many and personal opinion companies that provides the results to companies looking for the data for making their future moves.

In terms of clients, there are clients of the Ipsos group in more than 100 countries globally. So, Ipsos is a completely legit company that you can easily trust on.

Ipsos Offers

Ipsos Offers
Ipsos Offers

Ipsos comes with an offer where you can earn 100 points for referring a friend of yours.

While you are looking to earn more, this offer can help you to keep up the morale and constantly provide you with a little extra money. Moreover, your friends can also earn using Ipsos.

How to Earn money using Ipsos?

 How to Earn money using Ipsos?
How to Earn money using Ipsos?

Earning money has a little bit different methodology as compared to other platforms.

When you start at Ipsos, you get emails for the surveys that you qualify for. You can take those surveys to earn money.

However, emails are not the only option to take the surveys, as you can also take a look at the dashboard of your account to learn more about the available surveys.

And with each of the completed surveys, you can earn 45 to 90 points on average. Other than these points, you can earn on Ipsos with four different methods.

Those methods are:

  • Taking part in the polls
  • Taking part in the contests. The earning chances here are more as you already get the points, but if you win, you can earn more.
  • The surveys give you some loyalty points.
  • Inviting people to Ipsos gives you a chance to win 100 points.

Pros and Cons of Ipsos


  • The virtual currency points here hold more value than other platforms.
  • The minimum payout threshold is not a lot. it is only $5
  • The gift card withdrawals do not take long as Ipsos provides same-day redemption for them.
  • You can earn a dollar for inviting one user.
  • Earning about $50 or more is not a hard thing when you are on Ipsos.


  • Getting your account approved can be a hard task.
  • All of the accounts do not get approved on Ipsos.
  • The PayPal withdrawals can take a long time to process. Up to 3 weeks sometimes.

How to Get Started with Ipsos?

How to Get Started with Ipsos?
How to Get Started with Ipsos?

Starting to earn with Ipsos is not hard, but it is a critical part of the process because you are looking to get your i-Say account approved here.

Here is the process that you need to go through.

  • You will need to start with signing up at i-Say.
  • Once your signup process is complete, you need to provide all the basic information.
  • After filling in your information, you need to get the account activated.

Here you will need to wait for a while to get your account activated by Ipsos. However, once your Ipsos i-Say account is activated, you can start taking surveys.

How is Ipsos different from others?

How is Ipsos different from others?
How is Ipsos different from others?

Ipsos is different from all the other platforms as it has an option to give your earnings to donations, and there are some other payout options available as well.

Other than that, it brings more value for its users with the help of its virtual currency.

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Payment Methods of Ipsos

Ipsos Payment Methods
Ipsos Payment Methods

When it comes to the payment options, the first thing you need to know is the worth of the Ipsos points.

Well, one point here equals one cent, which means $1 is equal to 100 points, and you need 500 points at least to withdraw your earnings.

However, this limit is not the same for all the earning options. Here are some of the earning options and their minimum withdrawal limits.

  • PayPal withdrawals have a minimum limit of 1000 points, and it takes some time to withdraw the money, sometimes up to 3 weeks
  • You can get gift cards for different places, and the limit here is only $5
  • The minimum limit to go for the prepaid Visa Cards option is 2000 points or $20, and the processing can take up to a month
  • The last choice to withdraw your earnings is by giving them to charity. There are many options available for you.

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Alternatives of Ipsos

Alternatives of Ipsos
Alternatives of Ipsos


The most popular website for earning money from completing surveys is InboxDollars. It brings a lot of ways to earn and comes with a $5 signup bonus as well.

Branded Surveys

Although the signup bonus in Branded Survey is not that great, it is only $1, the earning here is very efficient. Users can earn up to $3 on average from a survey that takes only 15 minutes.

Ipsos Review: The Last Word

Ipsos Conclusion
Ipsos Conclusion

Ipsos is an amazing company that recruits people for providing their opinions on things in the form of surveys.

If you need some extra money, then it can be a great choice to earn while you spend your free time on the i-Say platform of Ipsos.

If you like Ipsos Review , we would also recommend you to have a look at iBotta Review   and MyPoints.

We hope this Ipsos Review have helped you gain knowledge about this platform a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the joining fee of Ipsos?

It is free to join.

What are the options to use the Ipsos i-Say platform?

There are apps for both Android and iOS devices. Other than that, there is a website that is well optimized for different types of devices.

To know more read our Ipsos Review.

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