KnowledgePanel Review – A Solution To Online Income?

Filling in surveys online has become an increasingly popular side hustle amongst people of all ages.

It is not a surprise that the market for such platforms is booming at the moment. In this KnowledgePanel Review, we are going to tell you everything about it!

KnowledgePanel Review
KnowledgePanel Review

In this article, we’ll have a look at some of the competitors in this vast market. We’ll take a look at KnowledgePanel!

What is it? How does it work? We will give you every single piece of information that you should have!


Operating Since1999
Signup Bonus$10
Payment MethodsCash Checks, Vouchers, Merchandise, Sweepstakes
Ways to EarnSurveys, Sweepstakes
WebsiteClick Here

What is KnowledgePanel?

What is KnowledgePanel?
What is KnowledgePanel?

Knowledgepanel is one of many online research companies currently out there.

This platform make money by gathering information from various demographics to sell to be used in marketing research.

KnowledgePanel gather this information through their selected users. They fill in surveys in return for a cash reward; this way, everyone benefits from the platform!

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Is KnowledgePanel Legit?

Generally, making extra money online sounds too good to be true. Sadly, there’s a good chance of that being true.

Scams in this business aren’t unheard of, so let’s look at Knowldgepanel’s legitimacy!

Luckily, Knowledgepanel is entirely legit. It has gathered many reputable reviews, and a trustworthy company backs it.

It has been in the business for many years, and it has always been clear and upfront to its users!

Extra Offers

It’s common practice for online research companies like Knowledgepanel to lure in users by giving out extra offers such as signup bonuses, for example. Let’s see what Knowledgepanel has to offer in this regard!

Knowledgepanel gives out a huge $10 signup bonus to its new users. This is a great extra to get you started, and it’s much more than what the competition gives out!

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How to Earn Money with KnowledgePanel?

As we’ve seen, KnowledgePanel can be a great way to make some extra money online. But what exactly can you do to earn this extra money?

Let’s see how you can earn money with Knowledgepanel!

  • KnowledgePanel’s primary way to make money is through surveys. These surveys take 10 to 15 minutes, and they pay out $1 each. They vary in topics to keep things interesting for you!
  • Another way to make some decent money on Knowledgepanel is through sweepstakes. These are prize draws where you can earn some serious cash prizes if you’re lucky, of course!

Pros and Cons


  • KnowledgePanel has excellent earning potential. To earn $1 per 10-minute survey is pretty good. Pair that with the great $10 signup bonus leads to some great potential to make extra money online!
  • KnowledgePanel is entirely free! KnowledgePanel doesn’t require any payment to start; you don’t even have to add a credit card to start earning extra cash online!
  • KnowledgePanel surveys are short. With the 10 to 15-minute surveys that KnowledgePanel offers, it is easy to fit them into your schedule, and they won’t take a significant part of your precious day!
  • KnowledgePanel gives out a high signup bonus. Earning $10 just to sign up is a great way to start! It makes everything more manageable, and it’s much more than what the competition has to offer in this regard!
  • There is a large variety of survey topics. This makes filling in the surveys a fun task, and it doesn’t get repetitive as some other side hustles can get!


  • KnowledgePanel is an invite-only platform. This feature can be disappointing that you can only participate in an invite, and you can’t even request an invite!
  • KnowledgePanel is limited to 13+ US residents. Anyone outside of that range is out of luck!
  • KnowledgePanel doesn’t have a referral program. This is due to the invite-only nature of the platform, but it means that you can’t make any passive income on the podium!

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How to Start with KnowledgePanel?

So far, so good; KnowledgePanel seems like a great platform to earn some extra money online!

It offers a high earning potential and a great signup bonus. You might be wondering, how can I get started?

This is sadly where we’ll have to disappoint you. Knowledgepanel is an invite-only platform; only certain US households will be selected.

There’s no way to signup for the forum; it’s purely a game of chance!

How is KnowledgePanel Different from Others?

This leads us straight into this next topic. The market for online research companies is incredibly saturated; therefore, platforms like KnowledgePanel will need to differentiate themselves from the masses, but how?

In the case of KnowledgePanel, this is rather obvious. They differentiate themselves by being an invite-only platform.

This allows them to cater to their users fully, but it makes joining yourself impossible!

Payment Methods

An essential part of any online research company is the number of payment methods they have to offer.

This determines a large amount of the user’s comfort! However, there are many methods out there. Let’s know what KnowledgePanel has to offer!

As mentioned before, they offer a variety of different payment methods. You can directly convert your points to cash through a check.

You can also get paid in vouchers and merchandise. If you want, you can convert your money into a sweepstake entry!

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Alternatives to KnowledgePanel

Since the online research market is this saturated, KnowledgePanel has many competitors. They all offer a unique experience.

Let’s take a look at some of KnowledgePanel’s fiercest competitors!

Survey Junky

Survey Junkie is an online research platform allows users to earn extra money by answering simple surveys, and above all everyone can join!

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Branded Surveys

Branded Survey is similar to the other ones, this platform allows you to convert your opinion into cash through surveys!

Moreover, anyone can join the platform and start making money!

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All in all, KnowledgePanel can be a fantastic side hustle.

Sadly, you’ll have to get invited to participate, but if you do, it’s amazing! It offers excellent earning potential, and you’ll find yourself making money in no time!

Thank you so much for reading our KnowledgePanel Review, and good luck making extra money online! 

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Frequently Asked Question

What is KnowledgePanel?

KnowledgePanel is one of many online research companies currently out there. To know more about it, read our KnowledgePanel Review!

What are the payment methods of KnowledgePanel?

They offer many different payment methods. If you want, you can convert your money into a sweepstake entry!

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