LoanStreet Review 2022

In an age where taking a loan became more essential than ever due to rising costs and not being able to afford major stuff in cash such as opening up a business, buying a house, or even studying.

These things, including studying, cost so much money that students need to aggregate loans from outsider providers since they do not want to pay the state’s interest rate or the amount they give.

They want to be able to make their own decision. In this regard, there are many helpers out there giving people what they need, aggregating loans in line with people’s or businesses’ needs.

LoanStreet is one of those platforms that makes the process of originating, sharing, or managing your loans easier thanks to their great design and intuitive platform.

They strive forward to give the most transparent and robust solutions for anything related to loans to the institutions and to even some individuals through their platform.

Here, we will take a look at LoanStreet and what it does and give a short review of them.

LoanStreet Review
LoanStreet Review


Operating Since2013
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Payment MethodsPayPalCoinbase, Gift Certificates
Ways To EarnLoan sharing processes
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What is LoanStreet

What is LoanStreet
What is LoanStreet

LoanStreet is the first fully integrated online loan platform for credit unions, banks, and direct lenders to ease the process of sharing, managing, and originating loans.

Its mission is to equip financial institutions with the most efficient, transparent, and robust solutions for managing loans, connecting with partners, and successfully sharing risk.

LoanStreet’s establishment goes back to 2013 with the goal of connecting lenders and investors in a more efficient, transparent, and robust method, as well as automating loan administration.

Hundreds of financial institutions use Loanstreet’s turnkey, an online platform to connect with a nationwide network of lenders and investors, track their loan portfolio performance, and develop and diversify their balance sheets more profitably.

Ian Lampl, the former Deputy Chief Counsel for TARP at the US Department of the Treasury, co-founded LoanStreet and managed crucial financial institution transactions during the financial crisis.

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Why Choose LoanStreet

There are many reasons to choose LoanStreet and work with them, but some of those reasons, especially one of them rise to the top and makes you really want to use and work with LoanStreet.

LoanStreet is not just a loan provider; they also help you manage your loans and understand what is going on behind your understanding, sometimes.

Their platform and data-management systems allow you to oversee everything you do regarding any kind of data about loans.

This is the best solution that LoanStreet gives to its clients.

The ease of following through loan data with their seamless platform and also to aggregate loans when you need them.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to manage
  • Ease of administration
  • Transparent and regulatory processes
  • Powerful tools


  • It takes time to get an answer to your request
  • It might not be best for individuals

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Real-time reporting

When you are a lender or a loan investor, you might want to know the situation of your loan and want to know what is going on with it anytime you wish to have a better outlook on your investment or your loan.

LoanStreet’s systems allow for smooth communication with partners as well as the centralization of loan performance data.

Standardized agreements

When you want to take a loan or give out a loan to someone, the most important part is to have the right agreement in case of any problem on one of the sides.

That is why it is important to have a standardized agreement that everyone uses that has no design flaws in it.

Hundreds of financial institutions already use LoanStreet’s agreements, so you can save time and money negotiating contract conditions and get to closing faster.

Transparent process

LoanStreet provides the most transparent process to allow for both lenders and the investors to have a better understanding of what is going on with the process before, during, and after the loan processes.

With improved openness, you’ll have free and rapid access to hundreds of prospective agreements.

How to get started with LoanStreet

Starting with LoanStreet takes a little bit of time because you need to provide your information, and they need to vet you and come to you with potential offers.

  • Go to, to their website.
  • Click on “get started today” at the bottom of the page.
  • Fill in the information on the contact form.
  • After sending in the contact form, the LoanStreet team will contact you sometime later to discuss the opportunities.

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To conclude everything we have said so far, LoanStreet is not just a loan provider but also a loan manager for institutions and even for individuals.

Thanks to great data systems and easy to follow platform, LoanStreet is one of the best tools out there to follow your loan flows and also take out a loan by getting in contact with them when you need it or one of the best places to give a loan to someone else if you want to be a loan investor.

All of these deals are protected under a standardized agreement, making your investment or loan more secure than you can imagine.

They provide the best solution for your institution and try to find the best rates for your loan when you want to take out a loan.

All of your loan information will already be in LoanStreet’s data, which will allow you to oversee your finances in a better way, and if you are a loan investor, it gets easier to follow through who is paying and who is not.


Can I lend a loan for LoanStreet?

Yes, one of the features LoanStreet offers is the ability to lend a loan to others through LoanStreet, which protects your money and rights since LoanStreet is the middleman.

Can I take a loan as an individual from LoanStreet?

As an individual, you can use LoanStreet’s turnkey and manage private loans that way; otherwise, LoanStreet does not offer personalized loans to individuals.

Do LoanStreet gives the same agreement and offer to every institution?

Depending on your institution and needs, you get different loan agreements and situations, so no, it is not the same for everyone.

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