MarketAgent Review – The Solution To Online Income?

Making money through surveys is a straightforward process. Sign up, do a survey, and you’ll get paid, right?

That is how the survey process should work in an ideal world. One such survey website is MarketAgent.

This MarketAgent Review will go through the site’s specifics and what you can anticipate if you decide to utilize it.

MarketAgent Review
MarketAgent Review

However, in certain situations, a survey site is not as user-friendly as you may expect.

In certain situations, it may be difficult to earn the money that you expect from daily surveys.

Taking a closer look at each survey site is the only way to determine whether or not it is worth your time.


Operating since2001
Signup BonusNone
Payment MethodsPayPal, Sweepstakes, donations
Ways to EarnSurveys, referral
WebsiteClick Here

What is MarketAgent?

What is MarketAgent?
What is MarketAgent?

MarketAgent is situated in Austria and mostly conducts surveys for people in Europe and English-speaking nations across the world.

Unfortunately, this implies that people who live in other countries are unable to complete their questionnaires.

They offer a wide range of surveys available. You get a bonus just for signing up, but you can’t cash it out until you take at least one survey with them.

This allows them to constantly have individuals signing up and ready to take surveys, which is a solid business strategy.

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Is MarketAgent legit?

MarketAgent has been in business since 2001 and has over 1 million subscribers worldwide.

MarketAgent does not have BBB certification because it is not based in the United States, but it does have an exceptional 4.5 Trustpilot rating.

Negative remarks from the primary its evaluation appear to concentrate on the limited surveys. However, many users like the platform’s simplicity.

Extra Offers

When you are using a platform like MarketAgent where you spend your time and earn money through it, having extra offers to earn a little bit more is always a good benefit for you.

However, unfortunately, there are not many extra offers that it offers to its customers.

There is only the referral program which you get points through referring a friend to this platform.

How to Earn Money Using MarketAgent?

MarketAgent does market research for companies and organizations. Its customers are mostly from European and English-speaking nations.

MarketAgent’s services are used by these companies to obtain access to information about market trends, product demand, and consumer lifestyles to help in product development and the creation of efficient marketing campaigns.

This means that by filling out surveys on this platform, you can earn money and add some extra cash into your monthly income.

MarketAgent Pros and Cons


  • You can receive your money quickly if you use PayPal or Skrill. Unlike other sites, you will not have to wait weeks for your money.
  • The registration procedure is basic and uncomplicated. It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll get a 150-point bonus for finishing the procedure.
  • MarketAgent also has a referral program via which you may not only invite friends and family but also advertise the platform with banners on your website.


  • MarketAgent requires that you complete at least one survey before you can payout. This implies that you will not receive your sign-up bonus right away.
  • MarketAgent is not available in every country. It is available in the United States and Canada, but if you live outside of North America, you must check the list of authorized nations.
  • Some MarketAgent reviewers point out that there are few surveys available, especially if you are not in a popular demographic category.

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How to Start with MarketAgent?

Starting with MarketAgent is relatively easy, fast, and efficient.

  • Navigate to their website
  • Click on “register” on the left side
  • Fill out the information asked by the platform
  • You can also sign up with Google or Facebook accounts.
  • After you fill in the details and enter the platform, you are ready to earn.

How is MarketAgent Different From Others?

Looking at the differences that MarketAgent offers from its counterparts, it is of utmost importance to say that it does not have a lot of differences from others.

It is a typical survey website with a couple of perks like the ability to cash out quickly through PayPal.

Other than that, most of the features that it offers are basically the same thing as its counterparts.

Payment Methods

There are not many payment methods that MarketAgent offers.

This could be considered as a disadvantage, but you can get your cash right away when you want.

So you can buy or get whatever you want with the cash such as some gift cards, or something else.

Because some portals offer gift cards payment methods, as well, but it does not.

Alternatives to MarketAgent


Survey Savvy is unique among survey sites in that it has been in operation for almost 20 years.

You may boost your profits by using the SavvyConnect app, which is available globally.

You will get $5 per month for each month the app is installed on your device.

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Survey Club

Survey Club, as the name implies, is primarily concerned with survey participation. Depending on the time required, you can earn up to $5 for each survey.

The majority of polls pay less than $1. Participation in clinical studies and focus groups is also available on a limited basis.

These give $200 to $1,000, but you must wait for an invitation to be eligible.

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Survey Voices

Survey Voices is not your usual survey site. It works as a go-between for members and the various survey platforms.

This sort of survey aggregator site assists you in locating the most profitable platforms.

While these sites may be found on your own, Survey Voices claims to assist users to earn up to $300 in their first week.

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MarketAgent is unquestionably a reputable website that allows you to earn some extra money in your leisure time.

There are certain flaws that require attention, such as increasing the number of surveys, but the site is highly user-friendly.

It is worth serious consideration if you have the patience or operate with several platforms.

You may make $5 or $10 every week thanks to the signup bonus, quick cash out, and referral program.

However, if you want to make quick money or replace a full-time job, this is not the platform for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Conclusions To Participate In Surveys?

For participating in the surveys, the minimum age is 14.

Can More Than One Person Register Under The Same E-Mail Adress?


What Do I Have To Do To Participate In Surveys?

Simply register as a participant at MarketAgent and we will invite you to participate in surveys at irregular intervals via email or optional browser/app notification.

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