Mindfield Online Review – Everything you should Know

Many people are interested in making money online without too much hassle just to add a couple more bucks into their monthly income.

We will introduce Mindfield Online Review to you in this article, one of the biggest players in the game with a lot of experience.

Mindfield Online Review
Mindfield Online Review

It is one of them. Even though survey completion may not pay you a great amount of money to match your monthly income from your job.

It will create a good cash flow to add to your life and maybe save up money with it in the long term.


Operating since: 2004

Signup Bonus: None

Payment Methods: Standard check and PayPal.

Ways to Earn: Surveys

What is Mindfield Online?

 What is Mindfield Online?
What is Mindfield Online?

It is an online questionnaire platform that delivers participant input to assist brands and enterprises in doing market research and making choices.

With over ten years of business expertise and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

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Is Mindfield Online legit?

From the things they offer, it is possible that you might not think yer are legit since it seems rather easy and efficient to earn money from but contrary to the idea that it might not be legit.

It is actually pretty legit and the years they have been in the business proves their legitimacy in the area.

Extra Offers

Even though it does not offer as much as its counterparts, there are some rewards and offers that you can use as an add-on.

You can get referral bonuses which are $5 each and some free sweepstakes entries by completing certain surveys.

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How to Earn Money Using Mindfield Online?

It only has the opportunity to give you cash with completing surveys and there are no other services available to earn money from, so on this side.

Pros and Cons


  • You can take mobile surveys and you do not need a PC all the time.
  • Thanks to the group system, you can get a much higher payout rate than standard online surveys taken by many people.
  • There are many cash-out options with checks or PayPal.


  • It takes a while for your credits to be on your hands (approximately 3 weeks considering the times after you complete the survey and withdraw the money to your account).
  • Their website is really outdated and in the golden era of technology and modern websites, you would really expect to see and use a more modern interface that gives you the confidence you need out of a side hustle you want to do.

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How to start with Mindfield Online?

  • You navigate to their website and click on registration at the user login page.
  • After signing up, you will get an e-mail for confirmation and also a process that you must complete for sign-up processes.
  • You will start getting occasional e-mails inviting you to parcipate in the surveys that they think is a good fit for you and your profile.
  • *Optional*, you can fill out member questionnaires to help it to target your likings better for additional surveys.

How is Mindfield Online different from others?

It is important to know why the survey platform you are choosing to use is different from others because there has to be a difference for you to use the platform for additional income and be sure that it is efficient enough for your needs.

The very first thing that comes to your attention about it is its long years in this business which is more than 15 years, 18 years, to be exact.

Payment Methods

There are several methods that you can use from this platform to cash out.

The most famous and probably the efficient one is PayPal where you can cash out there and then transfer to a bank account of your choosing.

Apart from PayPal, you can also get Amazon Gift Cards and various other gift cards including Walmart and so much more.

Alternatives to Mindfield Online


Swagbucks is one of the most popular survey platforms out there that allows you to complete surveys and get some extra cash.

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Another survey completion platform but not as popular as Swagbucks or old as Mindfield online but PanelChamp is working with really big companies like Generali.

Ford, NBC, and so on, so it could be a reliable website for you to get an extra income from a side hustle.

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Epoll Surveys

Epoll is a different platform than the competitors here but it does the same job as them, survey completion with cash rewards.

The reason you do it is different tho, you do it to movie studios, advertisers, and such.


It accomplishes a number of things well.

They’re a good pick for your first or next survey site, thanks to their unquestionable dependability, simple checkout choices, and high-paying surveys.

It offers the trust one need in order to spend their time on completing surveys.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Take Time To Start With Mindfield Online?

No, it is a really straightforward and quick process to get started with Mindfield Online.

Is It Free To Join The Mindfield Online?

Yes, by doing certain surveys, you get the chance to join Mindfield Online freely.

Do I Have To Pay To Start With Mindfield Online?

No, you do not have to pay a single dime to register with Mindfield Online.

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