MobileXpression Review – A Solution to Online Income

At times things seem too good to be true. Out of all the Surveys for Money websites, one of them is MobileXpression.

MobileXpression has a somewhat similar story, and in this MobileXpression Review, we will discuss how it is an entirely legit platform.

MobileXpression Review
MobileXpression Review


Year Founded1999(ComScore)
Sign up bonus15 credit points
Ways to Earnsurvey
Payment MethodsAmazon Gift Cards
Virtual CurrencyMobileXpression points
WebsiteClick Here

What is MobileXpression?

What is MobileXpression?
What is MobileXpression?

MobileXpression is a child company of ComScore, which is a company founded in 1999. It is a small platform where you can spend your free time and earn some money.

What makes it interesting is that sometimes you can earn some amount without needing to do anything while your mobile phone does everything.

The excellent part about MobileXpression is that it is beneficial for the users and takes care of the environment. More on that later.

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Is MobileXpression Legit?

As it is a platform where it is said that you will regularly earn without even needing to do anything or even take a survey, many people doubt the platform’s wellness and legitimacy.

The first thing about the legitimacy of this platform is that it is a part of ComScore, which has been there since 1999 as a media partner for many clients.

Although MobileXpression does not have any BBB profile, ComScore comes with an “A+” rating.

Sometimes, there are some comments and complaints regarding issues usually related to payment delays and customer service.

There is no issue with MobileXpression, other than this. 

MobileXpression Offers

When it comes to attracting users on MobileXpression, there is not a lot available here. There is a signup bonus of 15 points.

It can be achieved after you keep your application active for seven weeks after signing up.

Other than that, there are no refer-a-friend offers or affiliate programs that may help you earn more.

However, that thing lets you earn up to $5 or $10 gift cards on a regular basis by keeping the application active in the background on your mobile phone.

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How to Earn Money using MobileXpression?

Being surveys for money website, the main way of earning on MobileXpression is still by taking surveys.

Here you can look for the available surveys on your dashboard and take those surveys to earn some points.

However, for getting rewarded for a survey, you must qualify for the surveys.

So, if you start a survey that you are not qualifying for, you will immediately get a notification telling you that you will not earn anything from that survey.

In this way, you can save time. Other than the surveys, there are some other earning options as well. Those are:

  • There is weekly sweepstakes draw where there is a chance to win $5000
  • MobileXpression will collect the data of your internet behavior, and that will let you make some money.
  • If you keep the application running in the background, you can earn some money in the form of Amazon gift cards.

Advanatges and Disadvantages of MobileXpression


  • If your application is running in the background, you will earn some money after every few weeks.
  • Although the currency here is in points, the surveys show you the actual $ amount that you can earn.
  • On average, a survey pays $0.5
  • The new members can have an entry into a sweepstake for $100000
  • MobileXpression takes care of the planet by planting trees according to your usage of the application.


  • There are not a lot of options to earn
  • There is no way to buy which you can get cash for your earnings. No PayPal or bank transfer options are available.
  • If you keep the application running in the background of your device, then it may cause issues like battery drainage and data leaking.
  • Users do not have a lot of control over how the MobileXpression application works, so there are huge privacy concerns for using it.

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How to Get Started with MobileXpression?

Getting started with the process on MobileXpression only includes four simple and easy steps.

Those steps are the following:

  • First, you will start with registering an account at MobileXpression.
  • As soon as you start the registration process and provide your contact details, you will receive the verification message.
  • Upon confirmation of your account, you can install the software on your device.
  • Once the installation process is complete, you can verify the installation.

 After completing these few simple steps, you will be ready to start taking surveys, and you can start earning right away.

How is MobileXpression different from others?

There are many websites like MobileXpression like TolunaPrizeRebelSurveyClub. MobileXpression is different from others in a good way and a bad way as well.

Speaking of the good way it plants trees for every active user, and this is a process that is consistently kept on, which is very beneficial for the planet.

In terms of bad ways, it is different from others as there is no way to withdraw your earnings in terms of cash.

If you wish to have a Survey for Money Website to withdraw your earnings in cash, you should go for LifePoints

Payment Methods

The only way to draw away your earnings is by taking gift cards.

MobileXpression supports gift cards for a lot of popular stores and brands so that users can quickly cash their rewards.

In terms of points. 600 MobileXpression points are equal to $5.

Alternatives of MobileXpression


It is one of the best names on the websites, which lets you earn online without doing a lot. InboxDollars comes with amazing bonuses and several ways of earning.

On top of everything, the withdrawal options are more user-friendly.

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It is another popular name when it comes to surveys for money websites.

Swagbucks also comes with several payout options so users can easily get their earnings out.

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If you think that an application running in your background is okay, it is an excellent way to earn extra money.

Otherwise, if you need cash and are concerned about your privacy, it may not be the best choice you can go for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MobileXpression worth it?

If you are not concerned about getting cash, then it is a good choice.

What is the fee for MobileXpression?

It is free.

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