MyPoints Review – Everything You Need To Know

Are you also done with wasting your time watching pointless videos online? Well, you can make some money while you do what you like.

This MyPoints consists of all the information you need to know about earning that extra bit of cash.

In this MyPoints review, we have mentioned all the things that you need to know!

MyPoints Review
MyPoints Review


Year Founded1996
Sign up bonus$10
Ways to EarnGrocery coupons, Playing online, Watching online videos and so on.
Payment Methods PayPal, Visa card and Gift Cards
Virtual CurrencyMyPoints points
WebsiteClick Here

What is MyPoints?

What is MyPoints?
What is MyPoints?

MyPoints is a platform that provides several ways of earning as your side income.

Being a survey for money platform, there is not much that you need to do here other than taking surveys and completing tasks.

Moreover, its earning options include more than that, which means that you can earn by doing online shopping and playing online games here.

All in all, we can say that MyPoints is the platform where you can find a way to earn money which comes with fun.

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Is MyPoints Legit?

When it comes to surveys for money platforms, people are primarily concerned about the platform’s legitimacy.

Speaking of MyPoints, it is an entirely legitimate platform with amazing user ratings on several review platforms like Trustpilot.

Other than that, it has a remarkable 4.3 rating on the application marketplaces like Apple Appstore and Google Play store.

Keeping the ratings aside, if you look at the reviews, you will note that many users are happy to use it to earn that extra money. So, all of it confirms that MyPoints is a legit platform.

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MyPoints Offers

MyPoints welcomes the new users very warmly with a $10 signup bonus. It is a lot more than some of the competitors, which usually provide $1 or $5 at most.

Other than that, users can also earn by using the option where you refer a friend for signing up on MyPoints.

In this way, you can earn some decent money without even doing a lot to give your MyPoints account a good head start.

How to Earn money using MyPoints?

MyPoints is already an exciting platform to earn that extra dollar, but it gets even more attractive when it comes to earning options.

The total categories to earn here might be only 10, but some of those categories have a lot of earning opportunities under them.

So, here is an overview of the earning options on MyPoints:

  • Shopping in the stores which are eligible for MyPoints earning
  • Making good use of the dining deals
  • In-store deals for the MyPoints eligible stores
  • Grocery coupons
  • Cashback on withdrawing your earnings via gift cards
  • Booking the MyPoints eligible travel deals
  • Watching online videos
  • Playing online games
  • Web search
  • Setting goals and achieving them
  • Voting in the daily MyPoints poll
  • The “Daily 5” option on MyPoints
  • Referring new users on MyPoints

Pros and Cons of MyPoints


  • An extensive list of options to select from for earning
  • The options to withdraw your points are very user friendly
  • Easy to use and free to join
  • Available on mobile phones so you can earn while taking the subway to your office
  • MyPoints partners with some huge companies in the market.


  • The biggest con is that MyPoints is only limited to the users of the USA and Canada
  • Although there are many options to earn, some may reward only a few points and will not be worth your time
  • It is necessary to qualify for a survey to take it
  • You can get disqualified for a survey while you are midway through taking it

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How to Get Started with MyPoints?

Getting started with MyPoints is simple as 1,2,3. Within a few steps, you can start earning, so here is all you need to do.

  • You will need an email to start with, and using that email, and you can sign up for your MyPoints account
  • While you put in your information, you need to be sure that you are meeting all of the criteria
  • Once you have done the signup process, you can start earning right away

You may need to consider here that you need to qualify for the surveys to take them.

How is MyPoints different from others?

How is MyPoints different from others
How is MyPoints different from others?

At first look, MyPoints may not seem different from the other survey for money platforms.

However, as soon as you go deeper a little, you will see that it is different right from the signup part.

There are huge rewards and a lot of options to earn from. On top of everything, the withdrawal choices are amazing as well.

Payment Methods

Payment options at MyPoints are amazing as ever, where you can select to withdraw using the gift cards option with a minimum of only 250 points.

Here you also have the option to go for the Visa gift card. Other than that, you can go for PayPal withdrawal for a minimum of 3970 points.

Lastly, you can withdraw in terms of travel miles. Here 3200 MyPoints points are equal to 100 miles of travel.

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Alternatives of MyPoints

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys pays users an average of $0,5 to $3 per survey, where one survey can take up to 15 minutes.

So, it makes a great choice as an alternative for MyPoints. One amazing thing about Branded surveys is that it supports bank transfer for payment withdrawal and other options.

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It is another amazing alternative to MyPoints with a unique referral program to start with.

Although the surveys pay about $1 on average, there are 13 quick ways to earn, which makes InboxDollars an amazing platform.

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While your job is not that fun, you can use MyPoints to earn while having fun.

Although it cannot replace your actual job, it can still be the option for you to earn a little extra money for whatever you need.

MyPoints is a site that can be worth your time at a time where other websites do not pay that well.

We hope this MyPoints Review, turned out to be helpful for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to opt for a bank transfer on MyPoints?

No, but you can still opt for Visa gift cards or PayPal transfers.

What is the time limit for withdrawals on MyPoints?

There is no minimum time limit for withdrawals. However, withdrawals can take about five days to process the payment.

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