NCPMobile Review – Yay or Nay?

Your information is valuable. Market researchers are prepared to pay through the nose for it since it is so useful.

And if someone is willing to pay for it, we will be able to sell it. In this article, we are going to tell you everything about the NCPMobile.

NCPMobile Review
NCPMobile Review

That is, after all, the business model that most incentives applications follow.

These applications enable users to earn cash back and prizes by submitting important data about their purchasing patterns to researchers.

This provides us with an excellent opportunity to obtain free money with no effort.


Operating Since1923
Signup Bonus1,000 points.
Payment MethodsGift cards, Google Play credits, prepaid debit cards, vouchers, merchandise.
Ways to EarnScanning barcodes of items and surveys.

What is NCPMobile?

What is NCPMobile?
What is NCPMobile?

The NCP mobile app is simply a barcode scanning incentive program for shoppers in the United States.

It works similarly to receipt scanning applications such as Ibotta, except that instead of scanning your receipts, you must scan the barcode of each individual item to receive incentives.

The app is owned and operated by NCP (National Consumer Panel), a collaboration between two of the largest market research firms in the United States: Nielsen and IRI.

Since 1923, NCP has been collecting consumer behavior data for retailers and manufacturers.

Previously, they accomplished this by mailing scanners to their panel and having them manually scan each barcode.

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Is NCPMobile legit?

There is no reason to believe that the National Consumer Panel is anything other than credible.

It is not a fraud, as it is operated by NielsenIQ, a well-known market research business.

Although people’s experiences as members of the panel may vary, the NCP program is valid.

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Extra Offers

With NCP Mobile, there are not too many extra offers we can talk about but there are some things that they do to their customers and that is giving out bonus points for certain things.

You get points for signing up, doing your first survey, a birthday bonus, and several other things.

That way, you can earn a little bit more and add to your points to cash out in the future.

How to Earn Money Using NCPMobile?

If you got into the National Consumer Panel network and received a scanning gadget or loaded the mobile app on your smartphone, you may go shopping as usual.

When you arrive home, you must scan the barcodes of each of the goods you purchased and keep the shopping data until the end of the week when it is due to be sent to the National Consumer Panel.

When you do this, you will get points that may be added to your member account and subsequently exchanged for gift cards, charitable donations, home products such as vacuum cleaners or kitchen appliances, and a variety of other items.

Simultaneously, you will receive surveys and quizzes on a regular basis, which will help you earn additional points.

NCPMobile Pros and Cons


  • The National Consumer Panel is a high-quality firm that really values its consumers.
  • Received Best Companies to Work for Award from New York State for the third year in a row in 2017.
  • This isn’t technically a paid surveys website, so if answering questions about products and services isn’t your thing, you can still get money by doing something you do every week: shopping for groceries.
  • There is no way you can fail with the National Consumer Panel


  • The panel is extremely restrictive, which means you will not be admitted into the program right away, and there is a chance you may not be approved at all.
  • If you are a slacker, having to scan each and every one of your grocery items can wear you out, especially if you buy frozen food.

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How to Start with NCPMobile?

Starting with the NCP Mobile is easy and efficient.

  1. Download the app on the Google Play
  2. Sign up for the application after you download it.
  3. You are going to need to provide your personal details during the signup procedure so that they can check if the area you live in is currently looking for a market research member.
  4. After you do that, you wait to get approved.
  5. After the approval, you can start earning with your grocery shopping!

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How is NCPMobile Different From Others?

There are many ways to be different in this market, from the offerings to the payment methods.

But how NCP Mobile is different than its counterparts is that it is not a website, it is only an application, and you do not do surveys, you scan the items you purchase every day.

Payment Methods

NCP Mobile offers a variety of different payment methods from Amazon gift cards to Google Play credits.

The full list of payment methods of NCP Mobile is vouchers, gift cards, prepaid debit cards, Google Play credits, Amazon gift cards, and merchandise.

Alternatives to NCPMobile


Ibotta is one of the market’s most established rebate applications.

You earn incentives by submitting information about your recent purchases, much like with the NCP Mobile App.

There are, however, a few distinctions. Ibotta allows you to scan receipts, but the NCP Mobile App demands that you scan individual barcodes.

If having to scan a large number of barcodes each time is a hassle for you, Ibotta may be a better app for you.

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Shopkick is another cashback app with a twist. To receive reward points, you do not have to scan your barcodes.

In fact, you don’t even need to buy anything. Simply stepping into a partner store can earn you ‘kicks’ (Shopkick’s equivalent of reward points).


Makeena is another receipt scanning software, but this one is intended to promote healthy eating.

Many of the Makeena deals are for fruits, veggies, and healthy food products, allowing you to earn cashback while also losing weight.

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National Consumer Panel is a legitimate organization that will give you incentives in return for scanning the barcodes on your purchases.

You will occasionally be able to obtain a gift card or a sweepstakes ticket, but you will be unable to obtain cash through them.

As previously said, you will also receive a few surveys to help you collect points quicker, and you will be eligible for discounts from merchants such as AT&T simply for being a member of the program.

The benefits may not be great, but if they sound worthwhile to you, you should give National Consumer Panel a shot.

After all, you will be going shopping every week, so it is not a bad idea to get something back from every one of your purchases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is NCPMobile Trustable?

Yes, NCPMobile is as legit as it gets thanks to its experience in the field and the time they were in the business.

How Can I Get Those Certain Discounts?

You can get them by just being a member of the platform. You do not have to do anything extra.

Do I Have To Pay Something To Register?

No, NCPMobile is all free for everyone to join.

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