All You Need To Know About Neev Finance

Any country’s long-term growth depends on the foundation of high-quality education.

As India prepares to become the world’s labor powerhouse, there needs to be enabling mechanisms in place to ensure that all Indians receive a world-class education.

Every parent wishes to provide their children with the greatest possible education, and some parents go above and beyond to guarantee that their children have a brighter future.

Neev believes that they can solve this problem by creating an innovative method that offers the required finance to parents, allowing them to enroll their children in better schools, colleges, and other institutions while simultaneously easing their financial flow.

In this review, we will take a closer look at Neev Finance and what they do.

Neev Finance
Neev Finance


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What is Neev Finance

What is Neev Finance
What is Neev Finance

Neev is a non-banking financial firm (NBFC) in India that aims at the socio-economic goal of making higher education accessible to the public.

It was formed by a group of three highly skilled professionals with the goal of removing the most significant obstacle to excellent education in our nation, namely, the parents’ capacity to give their children the finest possible education.

Neev is now active in six cities, with hopes to grow to many more in the near future.

Neev Finance has strong links with some of the most prestigious schools, colleges, and other institutions in these cities, and they are now working to give financial support to parents whose children attend these schools, colleges, and other institutions.

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Why Choose Neev Finance

Neev Finance provides amazing stuff to the students, and there are many reasons to choose them, but they believe the main reason to choose them is the main reason why they are in operation, that is to give students a life where they do not have to worry about their educational future due to lack of money.

Because of the impact of the lump sum payment requirement on their normal monthly income, a major portion of the country’s middle class finds it extremely difficult to meet the requirement.

As a result, to guarantee that their child’s educational development does not have any kind of delay, parents turn to either a costly or time-consuming type of borrowing.

Pros and Cons


  • They could finance your whole education.
  • Do not require too much of a document or a bad situation for them to support you.
  • Totally secure.


  • Not available everywhere
  • You could get rejected
  • You need to pay it back

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Neev Finance - Features
Neev Finance – Features

Good Financing

Neev Finance gives you financing depending on your needs and wants about your school and education.

You might get financing for your entire studying cycle or only for a term depending on what you want and also what you can afford to pay afterward.

They finance you in the best way possible, so it is not a one-fit-all type of financing.

Fast Response

Their response rate to loan applications is extremely fast. According to their website, they answer all of the loan requests in 48 hours maximum, and they give you an answer, whether positive or negative.

Instead of waiting for months with a traditional financing agency, Neev Finance takes a quick look at your documents, and the moment they give their decision, you know this.

Convenient Repayment Schedules

Once you finish your studying or the term of your financing, you will need to repay that loan with a certain amount of interest.

The repayment schedules are fit onto you, just like the financing. You get an interest rate depending on your situation and a repayment schedule that you can pay.

How to get started with Neev Finance

Starting with Neev Finance, as you can imagine, takes a little bit of time because you need to get approval that you actually need help with them and settle in the amount and other details.

However, starting the process does not take a lot of time if you have documents already with you.

  • Go to, which is their website.
  • Click on “apply for a loan.”
  • There, you need to create a student account to start your application. Fill in the details.
  • Once you sign up, you can start your application by submitting the necessary documents, and they will get back to you with questions or a decision.

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As you can see, Neev Finance is a company that pays your educational expenses with small fees and interest rates and gives you the exact amount you need to study and finish your studies without having to worry whether you or your parents will be able to afford the entire course for years.

Even though you need to pay Neev Finance back with certain interest rates – set by your credentials, your situation, and your needs -, it definitely gives you peace of mind when you are studying, and you can focus on your studies instead of worrying about stuff like money or that whether you are doing it for nothing if you end up not being able to finance the school next year or the years after.

They do require some documents that you need to provide in order to provide you with the best answer and conditions possible, so you must be ready to collect a lot of documents when you start your application, but you can expect an answer from Neev Finance about approval or disapproval of your loan within 48 hours which makes the waiting and anxiety way easier.


What are the maximum amount of Neev Finance loans?

The maximum amount of loan you can get as a student depends on your school and the length of your education, not more than that.

What are the eligibility criterias for a loan at Neev Finance?

Any Indian citizen who wishes to study a vocational degree or skill development course at any Indian institute is eligible to apply for a Neev loan.

Parents of youngsters studying in Indian schools or universities are also able to apply for loans.

Can you pay your loan before the closing date?

Yes. You can pay the loan before the term expires. However, there is a small cost for pre-closing loans, which will be in the loan agreement.

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