Nielsen Review

Signing up with a survey site is one of the most common methods to get money. These are programs that let businesses all around the world interact with their target audiences and encourage them to take out surveys.

The poll results are gathered and returned to the firm, which will utilize them to develop new goods or strengthen their brand.

Nielsen is a name you may be familiar with. They are one of the most well-known names in the market research sector, and their service and security have earned them a reputation.

In this piece, we shall conduct a review of Nielsen and discuss them.

Nielsen Review
Nielsen Review


Operating SinceNA
Sing Up BonusNA
Payment MethodsGift Cards for PayPal, Amazon, Target, and Starbucks
Ways To EarnData Mining, Sweepstakes, Gift
WebsiteClick Here

What Is Nielsen?

What Is Nielsen?
What Is Nielsen?

Nielsen has been the gold standard for the worldwide market and consumer insight research for decades.

Our clients (for example, manufacturers, retailers, non-profits, and governments) benefit from their insights, which are based on representative samples of the population and help them learn about what consumers watch, purchase, and how they behave.

The Nielsen Consumer Panel represents a diverse range of homes across the country, allowing them to get insight into how consumers perceive and interact with various brands.

Nielsen is a well-known market research and data company with decades of expertise in the field. The firm has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Apart from collecting user data via its computer and mobile data apps that members can install on their devices for free, Nielsen also offers its members many other ways to earn more prizes.

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Why Choose Nielsen

There are many reasons to choose Nielsen, but the most critical one is the safety it offers to your data. Many people are concerned about their personal information is out there, open for anything.

Nielsen, on the other hand, says that they do not share any kind of private information with anybody.

Instead, they isolate personal identifying data from market research data so that the data they get from your devices has no connection to you.

On your smartphone, the software also records call time and length, text messages, and file kinds and sizes.

It does not, however, record the phone numbers you dial, the contents of your texts, or the contents of your files. The collected data is the aggregate data by the firm.

This implies that rather than identifying individual members, they gather data on groups.

Overall, Nielsen ensures that Nielsen app users have the most excellent standards of privacy. The software is safe and private, and your personal information is never shared.

Pros And Cons


  • Nielsen offers decades of business expertise, as well as BBB certification and an A+ rating.
  • Allowing the program to operate in the background essentially earns you prizes and awards.
  • Nielsen has a great customer service department.
  • Each month, you may enter sweepstakes for a chance to win up to $1,000.


  • There are concerns regarding data privacy.
  • Residents of the United States are the only ones who may use this app.
  • Because the program runs in the background, it may deplete your battery.
  • Some Nielsen app reviewers have expressed dissatisfaction with their inability to redeem their incentives.

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Ways To Earn

Data Mining

You may earn the equivalent of $50 each year simply by installing this app and letting it operate on your device.

You’ll also receive sweepstakes entries if you install Nielsen on your computer, with the chance to win up to $500 each month.


All Nielsen app users enter into monthly contests. They send automatic monthly sweepstakes entries to you. The total prize pool is $10,000, but there will be two $1,000 winners, as well as various minor prizes.


Nielsen app users may redeem their prizes from a fantastic rewards catalogue. Physical things include televisions, cameras, and other electrical devices.

Ways To Redeem

For individuals that download the app on their mobile devices, Nielsen offers a points-based reward system.

Users earn points that they can use for gift cards at places like Amazon, Target, and Starbucks.

You can track your points on your profile page. Before you can payout, you’ll need to earn roughly 800 points (equal to $5).

Unfortunately, PayPal does not provide a cash option, but you may always sell your gift cards on a site like Raise.


It Could Be Completely Passive

If you choose to use it only for passive income, you can just earn some money without having to do anything and just download the Nielsen App.

Ability To Use On More Than One Device

You can use Nielsen App on more than one device, which will allow you to earn more money passively with more data flowing into them.

Low Threshold for Cashout

The threshold to cash out is extremely low, and you can collect your points anytime you want.

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How To Get Started With Nielsen

Getting started with Nielsen is not hard and does not take more than five minutes, not only to sign up but also to start earning.

  • Go to their website.
  • Find the signup page and start your signup process.
  • After completing the signup form, you need to verify your identity so that they make sure the information they have is accurate.
  • Then, you can download the app and register your devices.
  • Once you download the app, you can log in and start earning.


Nielsen is a reputable organization with decades of expertise in the field. If you’re wondering if Nielsen is legitimate, all you have to do is check at its BBB certification and rating.

Simply by enabling the Nielsen software to operate in the background of your smartphone, you may receive incentives. You can also win cash rewards.

While the Nielsen app is not suitable for individuals seeking a full-time income, it is a simple method to augment your earnings if you’re searching for a side hustle.


How can you contact Nielsen customer service?

If you have any problems with your Nielsen panel, you may only contact Nielsen Mobile App customer care using the “contact us” form on the Nielsen website.

Is Nielsen free to use?

Yes, the Nielsen Mobile App is entirely free to download. There will never be any installation or membership costs.

Can you fill in Nielsen surveys through mobile phone?

Yes, you may use the Nielsen Mobile App to complete surveys.

This allows you to make money from wherever, whether you’re at home watching TV or in a restaurant waiting for your order.

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