PointClub Review – Does it actually work?

Making additional cash on the side through the internet has never been easier. In this PointClub Review, we’ll try to show you the way through the market.

PointClub Review
PointClub Review

Today we’ll take a look at PointClub, what is it, and how can we use it to make extra money?

Let’s jump right into the action! Online side hustles have exploded over the years, and the market is now bigger than ever before!


Operating Since2012
Signup Bonus$5
Payment MethodsPayPal, Gift Cards, Prepaid Cards, Sweepstakes
Ways to EarnSurveys, Referral Program
WebsiteClick Here

What is PointClub?

What is PointClub?
What is PointClub?

PointClub is one of the many online research companies currently on the market.

Its business model consists of gathering information through its users to then sell it to large companies to be used in marketing research, for example.

Users can make money on PointClub by simply giving their opinion through things like a survey.

They are then given cash rewards in return; this way, everyone benefits from the PointClub platform!

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Is PointClub Legit?

One of the essential questions to ask when you are working with money online is its legitimacy.

Legitimacy is necessary to avoid nasty surprises, and sadly scams aren’t unheard of.

Let’s take a look at PointClub’s legality.

Luckily, PointClub is one of the many legit companies in the market. A reputable company backs it, and it simply has too many users to be fraudulent!

Extra Offers

It is common practice in the world of online research companies to lure in users by granting extra offers such as signup bonuses, for example.

Let’s take a look at PointClub’s additional offers!

PointClub offers an incredible $5 signup bonus to get you started. After that, it also provides bonuses for consistency; they provide a daily streak system where your rewards are raised on a daily basis!

How to Earn Money with PointClub?

So far, PointClub sounds like a great platform to make some extra cash online, but how exactly can we earn?

Let us know more about the different means of making money here!

  • First and foremost, you make money through surveys. PointClub offers a large variety of surveys with differing lengths, topics, and rewards to keep things interesting!
  • You can also earn through their daily ranking system. Simply fill in a daily survey and accumulate extra earning as the days go by!
  • Using the referral program also grants you solid cash. Referring other people to the platform will give you a percentage of their earnings, which quickly results in massive gains!

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Pros and Cons of PointClub


  • Large amount of available surveys. PointClub pretty much always has surveys available for you to fill in, this is great and definitely not a guarantee amongst competitors!
  • Get paid even after screening out. PointClub still pays you even if you get screened out of a survey. While not the full amount it’s still a nice extra to get!
  • PointClub is free to join. Everyone can start earning money for free, anyone can try it and it costs nothing at all!
  • PointClub offers many bonuses. Through the daily bonus program and the signup bonus, getting started is easy and you’re truly rewarded for your efforts!
  • Referral program. PointClub offers a referral program, this allows you to gather passive income and earn a lot more!


  • Very high pay-out threshold. PointClub has a very high payout threshold of 25.000 points, or $25, for gift cards and 50.000 points, $50, for PayPal cash!
  • Hard to qualify. Qualifying for your first surveys on PointClub can be incredibly hard, resulting in a large time waste.
  • Hard to contact customer service. PointClub is reported to have poor customer service, as they simply don’t respond to questions and complaints!

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How to Start with PointClub?

If what you’ve heard so far sounds like it would suit your needs, all you have to do to join is simply follow the steps below!

  • Navigate to their website and initiate the registration process by pressing the signup button.
  • Fill in the mandatory information such as email address, name, etc. 
  • Verify your email address and login into your new account.
  • Answer the screening survey, and these answers will later be used to determine your eligibility for different surveys.
  • Congratulations, the registration process was that easy! It’s now time to start earning that sweet cash!

How is PointClub Different from Others?

As we’ve mentioned before, PointClub is part of the incredibly saturated market of online research companies.

Therefore, it has lots of competition, but how does PointClub differ itself from the pack?

PointClub differs itself from the rest by offering plenty of bonuses to its users. It also provides a lot of payment methods and ways to earn cash.

All of these things combined make it a great all-around option in this saturated market!

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Payment Methods

We’ve briefly covered it before, but payment methods play a huge role in online research platforms like PointClub, let’s see what they have to offer!

PointClub offers a large variety of payment methods. From actual cash through PayPal and prepaid cards to gift cards to over 80 different stores.

You can take part in prize draws to earn some extra cash, called sweepstakes.

Alternatives to PointClub

Since the market for online research companies is instead saturated, PointClub has a lot of competitors.

Let us know some of its alternatives.

Branded Surveys

Branded Survey is an online research company that allows users to fill in surveys in return for cash rewards through PayPal or gift cards!

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Crowdology is an online research company focused on surveys and other research methods to gather information in return for a cash reward!

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All in all, PointClub is a great way to earn some extra cash. Despite the complaints about the customer service, it is a solid side hustle to make some extra money by filling some simple surveys!

Best of luck on getting started with PointClub! Thank you so much for reading our PointClub Review!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PointClub?

PointClub is an online research company currently on the market.

To know more about it, Read our PointClub Review!

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