Qmee Review – Is It Worth Signing Up?

Statistical surveying has for some time been viewed as an essential industry.

Organizations flourish or diminish depending on how well they comprehend their purchasers (and what their clients need).

Numerous organizations fizzle since they “accept” they know what their customers need, yet they are mixed up.

Furthermore, they’re willing to pay you for it. It is hanging around for that and we will analyze Qmee in this article so that you might see whether or not it merits your time.

Qmee Review
Qmee Review


Operating Since 2012
Sing Up BonusNone
Payment MethodsPayPal, Amazon Gift cards
Ways To EarnSurveys
WebsiteClick Here

What is Qmee?


Qmee is an internet-based service that permits you to earn a considerate measure of cash online just by looking, shopping, and taking overviews and surveys.

It’s something you might wish to consider as a “part-time” assuming you need to make some additional money. It has been working since 2012.

Qmee is a worldwide firm that helps economic specialists from one side of the planet to the other.

They also give a worldwide participation stage, so anybody is welcome to join their site.

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Is Qmee Legit? 

Qmee is a genuine and legit platform offering various ways of bringing in money in your extra time.

With no minimum payment for PayPal, you can earn a couple of dollars daily and withdraw your income right away.

Extra Offers 

You can peruse accessible proposals on the “all offers” tab on your dashboard. Assuming you observe a deal you like, Qmee will take you to the brand’s site.

It will follow your qualification to guarantee you complete the offer and accept your prize. It can require as long as 60 days to accept your prize, and rewards fluctuate.

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How to earn money using Qmee?

How to earn money using Qmee?
How to earn money using Qmee

There are surveys accessible for everybody, except you want to select in to get them.

There is an option to pick the “Reviews” tab on the dashboard. This is the front page you see on this versatile application.

You need to guarantee that you cautiously and truly answer the pick in review as this will decide the studies that are proper for you.

Reviews are as long as 30 minutes on a scale, and you can get up to $1 for everyone.

There are new studies each day, yet regardless of whether you qualify will rely upon your socioeconomics.

There are several other ways to earn from Qmee which are listed below
1-Daily Polls
2- Internet searches
3-Invite Friends

Pros and Cons


  • Whether you choose PayPal or gift vouchers, installments are handled very quickly. Thus, you ought to approach your profit not long after making an installment demand.
  • It has exceptionally clear methods that are not difficult to set up and easy to utilize.
  • There are numerous ways of bringing in cash, and quite often some overviews to take an interest.
  • It have an application for iOS and Android, making it simpler to bring in cash in a hurry.


  • Some Qmee survey remarks feature security issues and compromises. Qmee might impart your data to outsiders, which certain individuals might be awkward with.
  • Many of the reviews and surveys offer very low rates. Thus, assuming that reviews are your essential side gig, this may not be a decent decision for you.
  • There are Qmee survey protests about the application being buggy. This can be dangerous assuming that you’re partway through action and the application freezes.
  • Some Qmee survey remarks whine about client support reactions when they definitely can’t get enough help.

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How to start with Qmee?

You can use your Facebook or Twitter record to join or enter your subtleties physically.

You’ll have to give an email address and set up a secret phrase to get to the stage.

Qmee additionally requires some essential data about yourself, so the organization can fit offers and studies to your inclinations and inclinations.

Qmee treats your security in a serious way. There is a vow that the application will possibly work when you’re endorsed in and consent to the agreements.

Qmee won’t store your overall perusing information and will totally regard your program protection settings.

Qmee is accessible to occupants of the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK, age 16+

Start reacting to surveys and satisfying errands/offers. And then bring in cash (your monetary compensations are gathered in your record).

How is Qmee different from others?

The distinction that they offer from different contenders is that they are an old organization with a realized standing likewise possesses other GTP destinations like TrustPilot Research.

Taking into account that, they are more trustable than their partners.

Payment Methods

As referenced above, it offers an assortment of installment strategies for your income.

You can get your cash as money straightforwardly through the following methods,

  • PayPal or Payoneer
  • You can get it as a gift voucher,
  • Or as an Amazon Gift card.
  • You have the adaptability to pick.

Alternatives of Qmee

Considering you need to make some more side pay while you’re sitting at your PC. You should try:

1-Usercrowd: It is an incredible method for procuring change from offering your viewpoint on new sites and applications.
2-Prize Rebel: It is a gigantic money-making site with loads of choices.
3-SwagBucks: A survey site that helps you to make money.


Qmee is certainly a legit platform. It has been around for almost a decade and has 500,000+ downloads of the app on the Google Play Store.

The platform also has a solid reputation within the online community. While there are some low-paying tasks, it is possible to make a dollar or two per day.

This makes it a good option for those looking to make cash in their spare time, such as students, retirees, or stay-at-home parents. 

However, if you’re looking for quick cash or need a full-time income, this is not likely to be the right choice for you.


Is Qmee free?

Yes, it is

Can you fill surveys using android?

Yes, there is a Qmee app for iOS and Android devices.

How to contact the customer services of Qmee?

You can contact customer services using social media.

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