Tellwut Review – Everything you Should Know

Data is one of the most crucial and significant aspects of building a focused and fine-tuned marketing strategy for the businessperson, or, perhaps more properly, their marketing director.

Because good marketing may make the difference between a company’s success or failure, it should come as no surprise that companies and individuals alike are eager to pay for your opinion on products, services, ideas, and so on.

In this Tellwut Review, we will discuss Tellwut, and examine whether it is a good investment of your time or not.

Tellwut Review
Tellwut Review


Operating since2010
Signup BonusBonus points
Payment MethodsPayPal, gift cards, prepaid debit cards, merchandise, vouchers
Ways to EarnSurveys
WebsiteClick Here

What is Tellwut?

What is Tellwut?
What is Tellwut?

Tellwut is an online community for people living in Canada and the United States.

Members share their thoughts and ideas on a variety of issues using the Tellwut online survey tool and social media channels.

Tellwut members take part in surveys and social media activities, earning prizes while immersing themselves in the Tellwut community.

It has been in operation since 2010, and the panel has grown to over 850,000 members.

Tellwut’s communal component distinguishes it from its competitors.

It allows you to design your own surveys, respond to other users’ surveys, and discuss them in the comments area.

You may sign up for Tellwut using your email address or your Facebook account.

Is Tellwut Legit?

Tellwut is owned and run by Tellwut Corp., a Canadian corporation. This company has been in operation since 2010.

Tellwut distinguishes itself from many other survey panels by having a good reputation.

Another advantage of Tellwut is that there are several methods to contact the support team if you have a question.

Tellwut offers active social media channels, whereas many survey sites just provide a contact form or an email address.

If you don’t want to wait for a response from the contact form and have a question or issue, you may utilize the Tellwut Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram.

After reading our Tellwut Review, you will come to know about its legitimacy as well.

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Extra Offers

Tellwut offers some extra offers for a chance to earn more points, thus money.

You can refer a friend, and create an approved survey and you will get bonus points apart from answering the normal ways of making money on the website which is a big plus to earn some more than the aggregate of the website.

How to Earn Money Using Tellwut?

While the core concept is the same, this is not your average survey site. This platform allows you to conduct internal and external surveys, as well as design your own.

You will earn points regardless of the option you select. The platform’s major goal is to enable anybody to perform market research.

This implies that there is always a wide range of subjects covered in the most current Tellwut polls. Polls and simple inquiries are also available.

The majority of these surveys are entertaining and take less than a minute to complete.

This makes it easy to earn some additional money because there are usually a lot of surveys on the site.

Tellwut Pros and Cons


  • Many surveys are entertaining and take less than a minute to complete.
  • Many survey sites have poor customer service, yet Tellwut reviewers laud the platform’s customer care.
  • Tellwut has received high ratings from the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot.
  • This is a one-of-a-kind feature that you won’t find on most survey websites.
  • You may start claiming incentives with as little as $10.


  • Many assignments pay fewer than 25 points, which equates to about $0.06.
  • This platform is not available in every country.
  • External surveys have the biggest earning potential, however many Tellwut reviewers point out that there aren’t enough of them on the site. However, because of demography, you may discover that there are more accessible for you.
  • Some Tellwut review comments also bring up concerns about exclusion from external surveys. Unfortunately, if you filter out of a survey, you will not receive any prizes.

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How to Start with Tellwut?

Starting with Tellwut is simple and easy.

  • Go to their website.
  • You will see the “create account” button on the top right corner.
  • Fill in the details like your e-mail, username, and password.
  • You can also sign up using Facebook.
  • After filling out every detail it asks, you are ready to go.

How is Tellwut Different From Others?

Tellwut is different from its counterparts in some ways but there is not much gap between them.

The biggest difference, we would say, is the payment methods they offer as it is greatly diversified.

Payment Methods

Tellwut offers to pay with a variety of stuff which is a good thing because you can always get paid in different ways and get things done.

Tellwut offers gift cards, cash via PayPal, merchandise, vouchers, and prepaid debit cards.

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Alternatives to Tellwut


InboxDollars is a well-known survey site that provides a number of methods to make money. You may earn money by playing games, watching movies, and doing surveys.

Furthermore, while many polls pay $1 or less, some pay up to $10. When compared to Tellwut, this implies a significantly larger income potential.

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Swagbucks is a well-known and well-respected name in the survey industry. You’ll receive a $5 sign-up bonus and may expect to earn $1 or more every survey.

However, there are many qualifying questions to answer before you may get surveys, so it might be time-consuming.

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Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a little more adaptable than Tellwut because it has a specialized app that allows you to conduct surveys while on the go.

Furthermore, Survey Junkie awards points for each completed survey, regardless of whether you match the particular criteria.

Typically, you’ll make $1 or less for every survey, although there are higher-paying surveys available.

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On Tellwut, you will be compensated for many types of engagement.

Whether you recommend a friend, answer a survey question, create your own question or poll, or even take part in a comprehensive academic research experiment.

You will be awarded points that can be exchanged for gift cards that allow you to spend your earnings on whatever you want and need.

Tellwut is a wonderful way to get some additional money by just expressing your thoughts or answering a few questions.

It is a respectable and trustworthy site that is known for preserving users’ privacy and delivering a wonderful experience for users on both sides of the equation.

Thank you for reading our Tellwut Review.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get points for reffering a friend?

Yes, you can. You can get 25 pts.

Will every survey I get approved?

There is a chance that it might not get approved if it is not in line with Tellwut’s policies.

When do I get my points after completing a survey?

Most of the time, right away.

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