The National Consumer Panel Review – Worth Investing?

Making money online can never be an easy task, and to many people, it may seem like an attractive prospect to make some quick cash on the side.

In this National Consumer Panel Review, we are going to tell you all about it!

The National Consumer Panel Review
The National Consumer Panel Review

The market for companies that offer such possibilities has grown significantly over the last few years, along with new ones coming into the market every week!

Today, we’ll look at one of the more established companies in the market, The national consumer panel! Is it true, and how does it work? Let’s dive straight into it!


PortalThe National Consumer Panel
Operating Since2008
Signup BonusSmall points Bonus and bonuses for milestones
Payment MethodsGift Cards, Debit/Credit cards, Merchandise, Vouchers
Ways To EarnSurveys, Barcode Scanning, Product Testing
WebsiteClick Here

What is The National Consumer Panel?

What is The National Consumer Panel
What is The National Consumer Panel

The national consumer panel is a research company that aims to gather valuable data on shopping behavior and product reviews.

This allows retailers to increase focus on certain products and therefore increase earnings in no time!

Users can participate in this by answering surveys and scanning product barcodes. This way, information is gathered in return for some great rewards!

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Is The National Consumer Panel Legit?

An important question that is often raised when working with companies like this is their legitimacy. Often quick cash online either isn’t legit, or it has some sort of catch.

What about the national consumer panel? 

The National Consumer Panel is totally legit. They offer true valuable rewards for your services, and they never lie or deceive their customers. 

Extra Offers

Companies often use extra offers such as signup bonuses to lure in extra customers. The national consumer panel is no exception to this rule; let’s see what they have to offer!

The national consumer panel offers many extra’s. They offer 250 extra points for birthdays and even more for your six-month and 1-year anniversaries on the platform.

They also regularly hold prize draws, and they offer extra’s for keeping up steady work!

How to earn money using The National Consumer Panel?

There’re many ways to earn some sweet cash through this platform; let’s take a look at some of the specific ways in which you can make some extra money!

  • Scanning barcodes is the main selling point of the national consumer panel. Simply scan the products in your fridge and transmit the data!
  • You can also earn money through online surveys on many topics. The primary focus will lie on specific products.
  • They also offer points for product reviews. This is usually a lengthy survey on a specific product that you’ve previously scanned!

Pros and Cons


  • The registration process is entirely free. Everyone can apply and try to participate in the program!
  • The rewards are great. If you get accepted, you’ll be able to receive great rewards. Especially the prize draws contain some crazy prices, and the extra offers are a great addition!
  • Not much extra effort. It doesn’t take a lot more than just doing your regular shopping run, which is a clear advantage!
  • There’s a wide variety of different pay-out options. Pay-out can be done in any way, from debit cards to merchandise! There’s an option for everyone.
  • A free barcode scanner will be delivered to you. Your smartphone can also function as a scanner, but it’s a nice touch!


  • You might not get accepted! The national consumer panel is notorious for its strict application requirements.
  • Earning passive income on the platform is impossible. You’ll need to work for every point you receive! 
  • The pay-out limit of 8.000 points is hard to reach. This means that you won’t be holding your rewards any time soon!

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How to start with The National Consumer Panel?

Want to join in on the fun? Simply follow the steps below and start earning that sweet extra cash in no time!

  • Start by navigating to the national consumer panel’s website, press the ‘join’ button.
  • After that, fill in the registration form and give information such as your email address, name, and everything else required.
  • Now it’s time to wait! Wait to get an email to know if you’re accepted or not; this may take a while. 
  • Once the wait is over, you’ll know. Congratulations if you got accepted! If not, there are many other opportunities to earn some extra cash online!

How is The National Consumer Panel different from others?

As we’ve mentioned before, the national consumer panel definitely isn’t the only company in this market, but where does it differ from the competition?

The main difference from the competition is the focus on product research. Bar code scanners are uncommon in this market, and they provide a great solution!

Payment Methods

As we’ve already briefly mentioned before, payment methods play an essential role in the company.

The national consumer panel deviates from the standard techniques such as PayPal and cash.

Instead, they offer prizes, vouchers, and merchandise. They allow you to directly exchange your points for items!

Alternatives to The National Consumer Panel

Since this company isn’t the only one in its market, let’s take a look at some of its competition! Scanning barcodes, however, is a unique trait, and it’s hard to find competition!

Survey Junky

It is a research company paying users for their opinion in raw cash! The payouts of Survey Junkie can range significantly, and they may be on any topic you can think of!

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Prolific Survey

Prolific Survey is a research company that rewards users for their humble opinion on many different subjects!

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Overall, the national consumer panel can be seen as a great way to make extra money! If you get accepted, doing groceries can suddenly become profitable.

While it won’t replace your full-time job, it is a great side hustle to earn extra cash!

We hope that this National Consumer Panel Review has provided some clarity on the national consumer panel. 

Thank you for reading and investing time, and all the best on making some money online!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is National Consumer Panel?

The national consumer panel is a research company that aims to collect valuable information on shopping behavior and product reviews.

To know more about it, read our National Consumer Panel Review.

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