Upromise Review – Is it Worth Investing?

Although prices are varying for different things, the prices in the education sector are constantly increasing.

Most of the students have to come under huge debts just for their professional degrees, and platforms like Upromise help a lot in this case. In this Upromise review, you will know how it works.

Upromise Review
Upromise Review


Year Founded2000
Sign up bonus$5.29
Ways to EarnCash back rewards, Saving tools, Online shopping, and Bonus
Payment MethodsAccount owner, institution
Virtual CurrencyCash in Dollars
WebsiteClick Here

What is Upromise?

What is Upromise?
What is Upromise?

Good quality professional education costs a lot, and most students end up in heavy debt as they complete their professional education.

While saving that much money is not the easiest to do, Upromise makes things easier.

It is a platform that helps you save money for a student’s education with several cashback options.

There is a specific percentage of cash back that you can earn on selected things, and that Money can be used to pay the student’s fee.

Prodege currently owns it, and it has been there for more than 20 years that makes the whole thing very reliable.

Speaking of reliability, most of the time, people ask if it is legit? So, let’s move right onto that.

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Is Upromise Legit?

Yes, Upromise is a 100% legit program that lets you save a lot of money by taking advantage of the eligible purchases.

It works on cashback rewards of some specific p[percentage for each eligible purchase.

Here the members accrue the credits, which are then directly sent to the institution savings plan, or the members can get the money in their account to pay to pack their student loans.

Upromise Offers

Although it is already a free platform with no registration fee, it still has some new user bonuses.

First of all, there is a signup bonus of $5.29. Other than that, when you link the 529 plan within 30 days of opening your Upromise, you get a $25 bonus.

Moreover, there are some other bonus offers as well.

How to Earn Money using Upromise?

There are four main methods of earning from Upromise.

Those methods are :

  • Earning cash back rewards from purchases from the eligible restaurants and also from Upromise Mastercard.
  • Online shopping cashback rewards from eligible sources
  • Saving tools at Upromise
  • Bonus opportunities at Upromise

The working methodology of working of each method is different and so are the rewards.

Pros and Cons of Upromise


  • You can boost your Upromise Mastercard rewards by linking the 529 plan. It increases the rewards by 15% making the total cashback of 1.529%
  • It is a completely free platform with no registration or annual fees
  • You do not need any credit cards or debit cards to sign up
  • Can earn up to 12% on the online retailers when you link your debit card with Upromise
  • You can earn 2.5% at the eligible restaurants
  • Upromise Mastercard provides an even higher percentage of cashback rewards.


  • Not a lot of restaurants are participating members of the dining rewards at Upromise.
  • There are minimum balance limits before you withdraw your rewards.

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How to Get Started with Upromise?

Earning with Upromise brings no change to your lifestyle. However, it brings a huge change to your savings because of the cashback rewards.

Follow these steps to start with Upromise:

  • Firstly you will have to sign up as a “Upromise Member.”
  • Then you need to register your credit card or debit card(whichever you want to use). You can do the registartion using more than one card as well.
  • Whenever you are spending at any of the eligible methods, you need to use the registered card or the Upromise Mastercard.

With these simple steps, you can get started with Upromise and earn cashback rewards for each eligible purchase.

How is Upromise different from others?

When we take a look at the platforms similar to Upromise, there is a long list. However, not all of the platforms provide the services that Upromise provides.

It is the platform that provides savings on the Money you spend instead of providing loans.

So, instead of getting under more loans for the fees, Upromise provides you with cashback rewards that can help you pay off the student fees.

Payment Methods of Upromise

In terms of payment methods, there are two choices for applying and two choices for getting the Money.

For applying, you can either go with an online application or fill the offline form for application.

For receiving money you have two options, either the money will be directly sent to institution loan department or you can get it in your account.

Alternatives of Upromise


It is a platform that provides consulting services for students. Moreover, it provides education benefit outsourcing services.

Edcor has been there since 1981, and since that time, it has been providing amazing services for deserving students.


While managing loans can be a tricky thing, LoanStreet makes things simple and easy for everyone.It was found in 2013.

It is a marketplace where you can efficiently syndicate all your loans to keep things automated as well as managed.

Neev Finance

It was found in 2016 and Neev Finance Provides financial solutions to deserving students.

It provides loans and loan management services which will eventually make things less stressful for the students.

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Taking loans is not the right thing for everyone. While some students can manage to pay back their students, the amount of debt is so heavy that it takes years or sometimes decades to get it off their heads.

On the other hand, Upromise is a platform that, instead of providing loans, provides an efficient solution to get rid of student loans.

However, its working methodology makes things very simple to manage your student loans.

We hope this Upromise Review, has helped you to gain knowledge about it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Upromise?

It is a platform that helps you save money for a student’s education with several cashback options.

To know more details about it, read Upromise Review.

Who is eligible for Upromise 529 plan?

It is a plan available to U.S. citizens who are willing to open an SSGA Upromise account.

A valid SSN or Tax Identification Number is required with your valid physical address in the United States or Puerto Rico.

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