Valued Opinions Review | Does It Worth Your Time Or Not?

Are you struggling with unfulfilling pocket money or high grocery bills? Is your salary or pocket money not meeting your needs?

Do you want to drop a few dollars from the comfort of your sofa? However, you don’t know how to make money online and end your needs.

If yes, then you are for a perfect reason as we are here dealing with the review of the Valued Opinions platform on which you can drop a few dollars in your pocket by completing easy tasks and activities.

So, we ensure that you stick to this article to the extent and follow the instructions attentively.

With the advancement and modernization in our society, earning money has become simple and easily accessible.

Many people get paid thousands of dollars just by sitting at their homes.

But making these $1000 requires startup, and if you are planning to do so, then Valued Opinion might be a good platform for you. 

Valued Opinions Review
Valued Opinions Review | Does It Worth Your Time Or Not?


PortalValued Opinions
Operating Since2004
Sing Up BonusNone
Payment Methodse-gift cards of different brands
Ways To Earnsurveys, testing of products, and diary studies
WebsiteClick Here

What Are Valued Opinions?

What Are Valued Opinions?
What Are Valued Opinions?

Valued Opinion is a digital portal for market and trading research.

Brands and companies collaborate with it for their merchandising purposes, and Valued Opinions members and users have to attend surveys and small activities to earn money in exchange.

In short, you can earn from this portal by answering surveys and sharing your opinions. 

Founded in 2004, Valued Opinions have valuable members of more than 3 million from 20 different countries worldwide and is operated in 15 other languages. 

From the registration process to redeeming your points, everything on Valued Opinions is straightforward. You can expect to earn $1 to $5 per Survey from this portal. 

However, there are eligibility criteria for registering on Valued Opinions. In America, you have to be 13+, and in Australia, the age criteria are 14+ for registration.

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Is Valued Opinions Legit?

In simple words, Yes! Valued Opinions are entirely legit and secure.

After signing up, you have to add personal information like email, address, and phone number, which makes some people uncomfortable. Still, this procedure is only to test the authenticity of the person. 

Valued Opinions are entirely safe and valid to use. 

Extra Offers: 

Valued Options act like a digital portal that can transform your spare time into earning hours right from the comfort of your bed.

All you have to do is check and answer the surveys and share your opinions regarding a specific product or service. 

However, the best part of Valued Opinion is that there are no signup fees to register on it. It’s completely free, and you can easily create your account on their official website. 

How To Earn Money Using Valued Opinions? 

How To Earn Money Using Valued Opinions
How To Earn Money Using Valued Opinions? 

Following are the three categories of activities you can perform on Valued Opinions and earn reward points in exchange:

  • Attending The Surveys: You will receive surveys about particular products or services, and you have to perform them accordingly. They may require your comments and opinions. The expected pay is from $1 to $5 per Survey as it depends upon the time and number of questions in surveys. 
  • Performing Diary Studies: Diary studies are real-time questionnaires by which you can determine your customers, interests, behavior, and approach. 
  • Product Testing: The members of Valued Opinion can also perform product testing from a specific company or brand and have to rate it and share their comments about it. By this, companies usually make user-friendly improvements before hitting their products or services into the market. 

Pros And Cons Of Valued Opinions:

Following are the pros and cons of Valued Opinions: 


  • The signing up process for Valued Opinions is entirely free. 
  • It is not an invitation-only registration. You can quickly become a member of Valued Opinions by signing up on their official website. 
  • The Valued Opinions are entirely safe and secure. They are members of two significant research governing bodies for marketing and merchandising: The Market Research Society (MRS) and The Marketing Research Association (MRA).
  • The frequency of surveys on Valued Opinions is way more than other surveys sites. 


  • The only way to redeem your earned points is through gift cards. You cannot have your earned points in the form of cash from pay pal or bank transfer. 
  • In some cases, the surveys are very long and can take 4 hours. Moreover, they are paying a lot. But the problem is that you cannot postpone or retake them because being consistent for 4 hours straight is tough.

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How To Start With Valued Opinions?

The starting up procedure of Valued Opinions is effortless. You have to go to their website straight, register here, and fill out the required information like your name, number, and email for verification.

If you want more frequent and better surveys opportunities, you will find a 20 categories questionnaire in your account.

If you correctly fill them, your chance of receiving more surveys level up.

How Is Valued Opinions Different From Others?

 The most significant factor in Valued Opinions a superior platform to other online earning portals is its security.

Being a member of two of the most reputable market research platforms (MRS and MRA), the Valued Opinions keeps your email, phone number, and other details in high protocol and security.

Payment Methods: 

You can redeem your Valued Opinions points into e-gift cards. However, there is no way to direct cash through PayPal or bank transfer. 

Some of the e-gift card partners of Valued Opinions are Nike, Target, Amazon, Dominos, Visa, Elle Decor, Cosmopolitan, Food Network Magazine, Eating Well, Macy, Midwest Living, and many more.

Alternatives Of Valued Opinions:

  1. Swagbucks: Swagbucks is an online earning portal, same as valued opinions, which pays its users by performing simple activities. Moreover, its members can have money from bank transfers by redeeming their points. 
  1. Survey Squad: You also can get paid from Survey Squad by performing surveys, focus groups, and phone interviews. You receive points that can further be transformed into money by performing these actions, and you can withdraw them. 
  1. Prize Rebel: Prize Rebel is a survey panel that pays you to share your opinions and thoughts. By Prize Rebel, you can earn e-gift cards or withdraw your money by pay pal. 
  1. Survey Me: It is a real-time survey platform on which a company’s representative will ask your questions and opinions while being on the line. The rewarding system of Survey Me is rapid for its customers. 


So, this is the end of our article. Before ending our discussion, let’s see the recap.

We discussed the basic concept of Valued Opinions and how it works, its legitimacy, starting up with it, pros, cons, tasks, payment methods, and finally, its alternatives. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is There Any Fees To Register On Valued Opinions?

No, the registration process is entirely free and easily accessible. You have to visit their official website and complete the signup procedure. 

Can We Redeem Our Points To Cash?

No, you cannot redeem your cash point. However, you can have to exchange e-gift cards with your earned points. The e-gift cards could be of your desired brand. 

Can We Donation With Our Earned Points?

Yes, you can donate your earned points transformed into cash to UNICEF from your Valued Opinions account. 

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